Resident Evil 4 To Kick Off New Trilogy

You can't keep a good zombie down.

We knew that Resident Evil 4 was in the works, currently titled Resident Evil 4: Afterlife, it has a release date of September 17, 2010

However, we now know that the new film will be shot in 3D (isn‘t everything these days), franchise star Milla Jovovich will return along with original Resident Evil writer/director Paul WS Anderson who bowed out of directing the two sequels, although he did pen the scripts.Speaking to Shock Till You Drop Anderson said:

"I always envisioned Resident Evil as a trilogy of films and we've been very lucky where it's a trilogy where the audience has built and built. I wanted to kick off a brand new trilogy. I'm really excited we're doing it [in 3-D] and we're using the same camera system [James] Cameron used for Avatar. There are a lot of exciting things about this one. I don't regard it as Resident Evil 4, I regard it as a re-tooling and rebirth of the entire franchise."

Over the last decade or so director Paul WS Anderson has become something of a whipping boy for critics and fan boys. He's directed a wide variety of high-concept genre films such as Kurt Russell's Soldier, Death RaceAlien Vs Predator and Mortal Kombat that have failed to meet expectations due to their source material. The Soldier script was set in the same world as Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Having said that I find Soldier to be a guilty pleasure and feel that Russell delivers a fantastic performance in the film even though he only has a few lines of dialogue.

The Resident Evil films, while not exactly high art are diverting enough popcorn films and when compared to other game adaptations they seem like high art. A 3D zombie film would also be interesting with their penchant for out-stretched arms, so maybe this will be one to watch next fall.

Resident Evil: Afterlife starts shooting in Canada on September 28, and it will be released on September 17, 2010.

Source: Shock Till You Drop and Bloody Disgusting

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