Resident Evil 4 Confirmed? Here’s What They Should Do Instead…

Chris Redfield and partner Sheva Alomar in RE5

Chris Redfield having his face eaten by a Majini

Working for the BSAA has its perks - Multiple-gun-turret Hummers!

Boss fight against an Executioner

Although, perhaps having less horror, more adventure and cool visuals/scenery would make the movie more appealing to the masses as it did to the gaming audience.

Then again, for Sony, these low-budget films are easy to finance, quick to make, and they always turn a nice profit. Money talks!

In the Milla Jovovich franchise so far, each movie has been able to make a little more than its predecessor with the last installment, Resident Evil: Extinction, banking nearly $150 million worldwide.

So, despite claims from those involved that the third installment was the end of the franchise, it’s no surprise the fourth is on its way. This news confirms what Paul Anderson said almost exactly one year ago that he was planning the fourth and in talks with Sony about it.

Do you want a 4th Resident Evil film or should they abandon the current franchise and go instead in an entirely different direction?


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