Resident Evil 3 Remake May Already Be In Development

Resident Evil 3

A new rumor suggests a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is already in development. Following the massive success of 1998’s Resident Evil 2, publisher Capcom realised they had a full-blown franchise on their hands. The third official game was supposed to be Resident Evil - Code: Veronica developed exclusively for Sega’s Dreamcast. Capcom also planned a side story for the original PlayStation, which was set to feature HUNK trapped on an infested cruise ship.

Capcom soon had a change of heart and decided the final PlayStation 1 Resident Evil should be a full sequel. Resident Evil 1.9 thus became Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and found returning character Jill Valentine trapped in the crumbling ruins of Raccoon City during a zombie outbreak. The game introduced some new mechanics like destructible scenery and a dodge move, in addition to the Nemesis itself, an unstoppable, Terminator-like monster that stalks players relentlessly. While it didn’t receive the same praise as the first two games, Nemesis is still considered a classic entry in the franchise.

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The highly-anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2 arrives January 2019, and it looks to be an intense reinvention of the original. Capcom has previously stated they’re very open to reworking other games in the franchise, and a new rumor by ResetEra member DuskGolem states that a remake of Resident Evil 3 is already in development. DuskGolem has accurately predicted a number of Resident Evil related reveals in the past, so the claim has merit.

If the rumor of a Resident Evil 3 remake proves accurate, it’s not really a surprise. The response to Resident Evil 2’s remake has been overwhelmingly positive, and fans have already demanded HD upgrades of other games in the series. There’re even reports suggesting Capcom are considering remaking the original Resident Evil – despite there already being an acclaimed 2002 remake of it.

If the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake exists, it will likely be announced shortly after the release of Resident Evil 2 in January 2019. It’s a good time to be a fan of the series, with news recently breaking a reboot of the film series is coming together, with Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) writing and directing. No story details have been revealed, but with Roberts filmography and a recent interview with previous screenwriter Greg Russo stating he was inspired by video game Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, all signs point to the new movie leaning towards a heavy horror focus.

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Source: DuskGolem (via VideoGamer)

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