• Capcom may be teasing a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake. 1 / 8

    Claire in Resident Evil 2 vertical
  • They tweeted a cryptic image that hinted at the game's return. 2 / 8

    Nemesis close-up vertical
  • The image has Claire Redfield standing in front of a hole in the Raccoon City Police Department... 3 / 8

    Resident Evil wall vertical
  • The image is captioned with: "Clearly something or someone doesn't understand the concept of doors..." 4 / 8

    Nemesis vertical
  • This could be a reference to Nemesis, though it hasn't been confirmed. 5 / 8

    Resident Evil Nemesis vertical
  • They also tweeted another image that adds some weight to this theory. 6 / 8

    Resident Evil 2 Leon vertical
  • It's of Jill Valentine from the first Resident Evil who is also the lead character in Resident Evil 3. 7 / 8

    Resident Evil Jill vertical
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