Resident Evil 2 Remake: Best Tips, Tricks, & Hints To Know Before Playing

Claire Fights A Licker in Resident Evil 2 Remake

How to Fight Lickers in Resident Evil 2 Remake

One of the most iconic enemies in the entire Resident Evil saga is the Licker - first introduced in Resident Evil 2 - so it's no surprise to see them return in this remake, scarier than ever. Just like in the original, these skinless horrors are blind, and they rely on their hearing to track and hunt enemies. Therefore, it's possible to evade them by walking slowly, because avoiding Lickers in Resident Evil 2 is of utmost importance.

One new tool in the remake that wasn't present in the original Resident Evil 2, though, is the flash grenade. This weapon is strong enough to temporarily handicap any Licker, thus giving Leon or Claire time to escape. As Claire, a single fire grenade is enough to take down most Lickers, though some of them require a second shot to put down for good. As Leon, a couple of point-blank shotgun blasts should be sufficient. It's best to use these high-powered weapons against Lickers, since they can take an impressive amount of pistol ammo before going down, which you'll need for regular zombie encounters. It's absolutely worth burning through grenades, shotgun ammo, and even magnum shots to knock a Licker off the board permanently.

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How to Fight The Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Claire fighting the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Unfortunately, there's no stopping the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2. Once he enters the game, he will pursue the player relentlessly until they progress to a certain point in the story. The player only has three options when faced with this invincible beast: fight, flight, and hiding.

Fighting the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 is the most direct way to deal with him. Pump enough ammo into the beast, and he'll momentarily yield. Unfortunately for Leon and Claire, he'll always get back up to resume the chase, so that ammunition is essentially wasted. If it's the only way to survive, then so be it, but if there's another way, always try to avoid direct combat with the Tyrant. For the record, it takes about three headshots from the magnum to knock down the Tyrant, ammo which should be used for Resident Evil 2's proper boss battles; battles which can actually be won.

Most of the time, Leon and Claire should just run away from Tyrant in Resident Evil 2. Whether you're searching for items, solving a puzzle, or slowly eliminating a pack of zombies, if Tyrant shows up, that's an instant cue to forget all that and run for the nearest safe room. Generally speaking, no matter how fast you run, Tyrant will always follow. Sometimes, he can lose track of Leon and Claire, but he usually is dogged and ruthless in his pursuit. Rooms with both a typewriter and an item box are usually safe havens; Tyrant will never enter the dark room and will quickly become bored and wander away, giving the player a momentary respite before he inevitably returns to stalk the player again.

Finally, the hardest – but most rewarding – way to deal with the Tyrant is to successfully hide from him. It can only be done in a few rooms, such as the Library, and it requires patience, silence, and nerves of steel. If you break line of sight and lose him among the bookshelves, he'll eventually lose interest and wander away. It's difficult, but it can be done! This also seems to be the method which gives players the most downtime before the next inevitable encounter with Resident Evil 2's seemingly-invincible monster.

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