20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil started giving gamers nightmares back in 1996 by trapping them in a mysterious mansion filled with zombies and other grotesque monsters. Two years later, that premiere entry was followed up by a sequel that surpassed its predecessor in almost every conceivable way. Resident Evil 2 is often sited as one of the best games of all time, and those who play it quickly understand why.

The franchise is no stranger to remakes, so it only makes sense that the second entry would eventually get a do-over. On January 25th, 2019, just over twenty-one years after the original, a remake of Resident Evil 2 was released. Fans have long anticipated this remake and, as we can tell you, it was well worth the wait.

The frightening journey through the Raccoon Police Station is a tough one filled with little details most players may miss. These next twenty entries reveal things only true experts of Resident Evil 2 know how to do. The topics are mainly concerned with the recently released remake, but there are a few tidbits about the original 1998 masterpiece included as well. A couple of these may even make the trek through the zombie-infested city more manageable.

So remember to aim for the head, because here are 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Resident Evil 2

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Claire Fights A Licker in Resident Evil 2 Remake
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20 Avoiding Lickers

Claire Fights A Licker in Resident Evil 2 Remake

The creature designs in the series are truly awe-inspiring. Simply looking at one of the many monsters Capcom has put into the games can make most anyone's stomach turn, with the most grotesque of them being the licker. These blind creatures are not only horrendously ugly in the best way, but they can be troublesome in combat too.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid fighting them entirely. In the new title, if players walk as slow as possible, they will not be detected by these blind creatures. In the original, dodging them works similarly, but the timing is more complex and takes practice to nail down perfectly. The technique is worth perfecting in order to save on ammo.

19 Hiding From The Tyrant

Resident Evil 2 Remake Tyrant Mr X Image

The Tyrant was a menacing force back in 1998, and it was hard to imagine how the creators could make him any more frightening for the remake. All worries can be put to rest, since the brutish beast is frightening beyond belief in the new release. When he shows up, leaving the room won't save Claire or Leon, as he follows the player through the entire police station.

Those who want the Tyrant to lose their scent can resort to a high stakes game of hide and seek. If he loses sight of the player, the grey monstrosity will eventually move on to another room. This works best in the library, but be sure to clear it of zombies before trying it.

18 Beating Tofu Survivor

The series is known for gifting the brave souls who beat these titles with tons of bonus goodies. Each game is filled with extra costumes, weapons, and even entire modes. One of the most ridiculous of these is Tofu Survivor. While it may sound like a joke, beating it is no laughing matter. The mode stands as one of the most challenging feats in Resident Evil 2.

Players traverse the same route as Hunk in The Fourth Survivor, only this time equipped with nothing but combat knives and a couple of healing items. Beating it takes precise timing and mastery of dodging zombie lunges, but anyone who bests it proves themselves as a true Resident Evil 2 connoisseur.

17 Putting Bullet Holes Through The Screen

Resident Evil 2 bullets through the screen

This one only applies to the original release, as the over the shoulder aiming makes it technically impossible. Some people may decry the old games' tank controls, but they really take little time to get used to. Because of this gameplay style, there are a couple of moments where the player can shoot at the screen, simulating bullet holes through the television.

It works best with the shotgun, but players have managed to do it with handguns as well. Aim at the screen in certain rooms and pull the trigger to see this neat Easter egg. Don't do it too many times though; ammo is too scarce to be wasted on a party trick.

16 Unlocking Tofu Survivor

In the remake, Tofu Survivor is a tough bout that pushes the limit of one's skill. Even the hardest counters in the main game are a cakewalk compared to this mad dash from the sewer's to the police station's front gate. The original Tofu Survivor laughs in the face of the new incarnation however, since just gaining access to it requires in-depth knowledge of the story.

To unlock the mode in the 1998 game, players have to complete the game six times in a row. As if that was not enough already, one of the runs has to have an A ranking. Getting this high mark on a playthrough involves speed, few saves, and sparse reliance on healing items.

15 The Secret Roll Of Film

Resident Evil 2 Remake Secret Roll of film location

Rebecca Chambers stands as one of the series' most beloved characters, but she has made few appearances. After Resident Evil, she remained quiet until popping up once more as a playable character in Resident Evil 0. Her only other appearance besides that was in the 2016 animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Thorough players will already be aware of her cameo mention in the second game. In the original, players must search Wesker's desk fifty times in order to find a roll of film containing a photo of her. In the remake, this was simplified to searching the hidden compartment in his desk one additional time. To do this, player's must first develop a photo revealing the hiding place.

14 Shooting Off The Tyrant's Hat

The Tyrant's updated design remains largely faithful to the original. The most notable difference is the addition of a hat. Yasuhiro Ampo, one of the game's directors, quipped in an interview that the hat was meant to help him blend in with crowds. Surely, with the vintage style accessory no one will notice anything peculiar about the mammoth sized beast.

If anyone wishes to blow his cover, all they need to do is aim slightly above his head and shoot. This will blow the hat right off his scalp. Now, no one will be fooled by the full proof disguise. It is a nice trick, but does nothing to stop his restless pursuit of the player.

13 Destroying All 15 Mr. Raccoons

Resident Evil 2 Mr. Raccoon

Everybody loves collectibles, especially when they are optional. Those who have no interest in them can gloss over the entire feature and not miss out on anything vital, while completionists get more bang for their buck. Given the series' penchant for replay value, one can bet their bottom dollar that the new Resident Evil 2 features a bonus collectible.

There are fifteen Mr. Raccoons for which players should be on the lookout for. Some of them are in plain sight, but others take a little snooping to uncover. Additionally, there are a few that are exclusive to Claire and Leon. Getting all of them earns more than just bragging rights and a trophy; an unbreakable combat knife is also rewarded.

12 Unlocking The Samurai Edge

It would not be a Resident Evil game without a ranking system. Typically, these are presented after the credits roll, either reassuring the player of their skill or telling them they need to improve. There is no better feeling than doing a nearly perfect run through the game and see the "A" or "S" pop up in the results screen.

Good feelings aren't the only prize, as a weapon is also gifted. Getting an "S" ranking on standard mode unlocks the Samurai Edge with infinite ammo. This can be especially helpful in the hardcore difficulty, for those who have trouble rationing ammo around the tougher enemies. Getting the perfect ranking means beating the game in three and a half hours.

11 Finding Zombie Brad Vickers

Brad Vickers in Resident Evil 2 Classic

Fans of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis will remember Brad Vickers and how he gets impaled through the head by the titular villain. He first appeared in the 1996 franchise debut, swooping in with a helicopter to save the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members. He's also hidden with the franchise's second outing.

Completing the game's introductory sequence without picking up a single item will cause a zombified Brad to attack the player outside of the station in the tunnel. He soaks up more bullets than a typical enemy, but defeating him rewards a key that can be used to unlock alternate costumes. The prize is nice, but putting the poor soul out of his misery is the real reason to do this.

10 Getting An S+ Rank

Players who achieved an S ranking on the game's standard difficulty should not rest on their laurels just yet. There are additional prizes for getting the same ranking on hardcore mode. On this ultimate difficulty mode, the time requirement is cut back to just two and a half hours. As if that was not challenging enough, there is an S+ rank to strive for as well.

S+ is similar to the regular S, with one major hurdle added - players can save their progress no more than three times. Rushing through the game this quick means avoiding combat and skipping out on resource hunting, making it nearly impossible for anybody who has not memorized the layout.

9 Upgrading The Inventory To The Max

Upon starting the new version of the classic, many may be surprised at the lack of inventory space. Managing resources was a huge part of the old titles and contributed to the overall tension, but the eight slots initially provided seem too little. Thankfully, additional hip pouches are scattered about the map, each of which increase the maximum inventory by two slots.

The most observant players will be able to completely max out their inventory space by the time they reach the underground lab. If one has more than two spots left to fill in on the item management screen by the time they reach this point, they should turn back and search the prior areas more thoroughly.

8 Playing The One Shot Demo More Than Once

Resident Evil 2 Remake Splash Image

This one does not involve perfecting a technical skill as much as it deals with slightly creative thinking. The demo to the new game was released a couple of weeks prior to the full version, allowing players to explore a fully fleshed out police station for half an hour. Once thirty minutes passed, the demo was over and could not be replayed.

There is one simple way to bypass this rule on the PS4 and Xbox One by creating multiple new accounts. On the PC, there was a hack released that eliminated the time limit, allowing players to explore to their heart's content. It's an outdated trick now, however, since it is a better idea to just purchase the game.

7 Upgrading Every Weapon

When Resident Evil 4 came out, it introduced a bevy of changes to the survival horror formula. Chief among these was the ability to upgrade guns. With the series currently bringing it all back home, some of these conventions have been stripped away. That's not to say improving armaments has gone away entirely, however.

Hidden in various places are numerous weapon parts for the guns Claire and Leon wield. Each of these attachments improves the performance in some way, whether it be accuracy, firing rate, power, or magazine size. Finding every one of them can take some time and careful snooping, but it is worth it in order to make the tougher adversaries more manageable.

6 Unlocking Every Safe

Resident Evil 2 safe

Sometimes, finding the secret is not enough. There are other steps one must take in order to access it. In Resident Evil 2, there are several safes in the police station and sewers sitting in plain sight, but they cannot be opened until one finds the codes or at least a hint as to where the codes are hiding.

Pick up and read every file and the codes will eventually be revealed. In the sewer, it is as simple as looking on the side of the safe. Additionally, there are also two portable safes, whose codes involve a trial and error puzzle. Inside these are dial keys used to unlock special items in the police station.

5 Shooting Grenades From Zombie's Mouths

Resident Evil 2 Police station hallway

Despite the series' return to its roots, there are some aspects that have changed dramatically from its early days. The most notable of these is the importance of aiming. Resident Evil 7 took place entirely in first person, and the newest entry features the over the shoulder camera and shooting made famous by Resident Evil 4. With this in mind, there are a few new tricks for experienced players to pull off.

When countering a zombie's lunge with a grenade, it is possible to shoot their mouths in order to trigger the explosion, instead of waiting for the countdown. It is more than a neat detail, as prematurely detonating the explosive can be helpful when outnumbered by zombies.

4 Getting The Infinite Rocket Launcher And Gatling Gun

Resident Evil 2 Rocket Launcher

Part of the tension comes from the lack of resources afforded to the player, particularly ammo. In most of these games, there are barely enough bullets to finish off every enemy, and that's assuming someone found every item on the map. This is why the infinite ammo bonus items come as a particular relief.

However, unlocking the Infinity Rocket Launcher and Gatling Gun is only possible to those who have proven their mastery of the game. In the original PS1 game, one has to beat both scenarios with A or B ranking. At this point, one knows the game so well they don't need the weapon. In the remake, the weapons are unlocked by getting as S+ ranking.

3 Memorizing The Codes

Resident Evil 2 NEST Lab

Many of the puzzles involve finding passwords to unlock doors and ladders. There are also safes with specific combinations. Finding these passwords can eat up a significant chunk of time, something less than ideal when shooting for a high rank. One way to finish the game exponentially faster is by memorizing these codes.

In the lab area, the codes are different in the first and second runs, so both scenarios have to be completed before knowing the passwords. The safes, however, remain the same regardless of the run. Screen Rant does not condone cheating in video games, but it is fine if one has already beaten the story and is interested in finding convenient, easy to do shortcuts.

2 Taking Refuge In Certain Rooms

Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower

With new technology comes new ways to scare the living daylights out of people. In the original title, each room was separated by load times which were cleverly hidden by the door opening animation. For this modern retelling, the whole map is connected, meaning the nightmarish creatures can follow the player from room to room. The Tyrant takes full advantage of this in his nonstop pursuit of the heroes.

Fortunately, there are a few safe havens where enemies will not go. Most of the rooms with item boxes and typewriters are off limits to foes, save for the station's lobby. Additionally, no one will chase the protagonists into the clock tower on the third floor.

1 Finding The Brad Vickers Easter Egg

Brad Vickers Easter Egg in Resident Evil 2

The introductory city portion is cut down significantly in the remake, instead shuffled around to the middle of Claire's scenario. With this in mind, it would not make sense to find Brad Vickers the same way as in the original, since there are no items to even collect in the beginning. The member of S.T.A.R.S. does make an appearance in an Easter egg, or rather his image does.

In the beginning of the second run, there is a safe room in the underground tunnel. Go inside and look at the four walls. On one of them will be a recruitment poster featuring none other than Brad himself. Oddly enough, this updated version of him kind of looks like Jamie Kennedy.

What are your favorite things about Resident Evil 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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