Leaked Resident Evil 2 Remake Screenshots: Ada Wong & New Monsters

Ada Wong Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom

Update: Watch 45 minutes of Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay!

Capcom's upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 is only two short months away, and hype is already at a fever pitch. The prospect of reliving the timeless horror adventure of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy's desperate escape from the zombie outbreak of Raccoon City has nearly arrived, but new information about the highly-anticipated release continues to trickle out – whether Capcom wants it to or not.

A whole bunch of images from have leaked, courtesy of All Games Delta. These screens show off some of what has already been shown in previous trailers for the game, but also feature some brand new characters and scenarios which Capcom's marketing campaign have kept tightly under wraps.

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Even though the game is due out in January, there's little doubt Resident Evil 2 is on its way towards being one of the biggest games of 2019, and these screens only serve to build hype for this blockbuster horror juggernaut. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard brought the series back to its roots with an increased focus on straightforward horror and resource management over the bombastic theatricality of titles like Resident Evil 6, and RE2 looks to continue that trend, broadening the scope and shifting to a third-person perspective, but still honing in on the survival horror essence which made the franchise so revered in the first place.

Ada Wong Unveiled In Leaked Resident Evil 2 Screenshots

Ada Wong Over The Shoulder Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom

One of the most compelling characters in the entire Resident Evil soap opera saga is Ada Wong, the mysterious agent who made her debut in Resident Evil 2 (though her name is mentioned – and used as a computer password – in the original Resident Evil). Until now, her appearance in the marketing for this remake has been limited to a single look, in which her visage is shrouded by a conservative trenchcoat and a pair of Audrey Hepburn-esque sunglasses.

These screens showcase the enigmatic spy sporting her classic look, an incongruously glamorous red dress which looks more suitable to a catwalk or a red carpet gala than a zombie apocalypse. Regardless, there's no denying: Ada is a femme fatale with style to spare, and she looks faithful to her original look in these new pictures.

Even more exciting, one of the screens shows Ada in an over-the-shoulder perspective, fighting off a slew of zombies, proving that she will be playable in some capacity. In the original Resident Evil 2, Ada was briefly playable in Leon's campaign, while players took a detour as young Sherry Birkin in Claire's story; indeed, other screens in the leak show Sherry alone, suggesting she will also be playable in this remake.

Mr. X and William Birkin Appear In Leaked Resident Evil 2 Screenshots

Resident Evil 2 Remake Tyrant Mr X Image

The leaked screens also give audiences a great look at the two main monsters of Resident Evil 2: the Tyrant and Dr. William Birkin, following his G-Virus-induced extreme makeover.

The Tyrant, often referred to as Mr. X (though unnamed as such in the original game) terrorized players in the B Scenario of RE2. These screens show the monster attacking Claire and Sherry in numerous locations, including the ground floor of the police station lobby, something which never happened in the original. Further, one screen has the Tyrant fighting Claire alongside a licker, another scenario which was impossible in the original RE2.

Resident Evil 2 employs what Capcom is calling "wet gore," in an effort to make the undead look as disgustingly horrific as possible; nowhere is that more evident than in these new screens of William Birkin, who becomes the horribly mutated G creature, a vicious monster which resembles David Cronenberg's The Fly mixed with the half-dissolved victims of the 1988 version of The Blob. Basically, Birkin is the ultimate "body horror" monster, and he looks better – and worse – than ever in this remake.

The leaked screens also show off some cool details, like Chris Redfield's "Made in Heaven" jacket in the S.T.A.R.S. office, a brief look at the Umbrella Corporation's secret underground lab, and a shotgun-wielding civilian who might be Robert Kendo, the owner of Kendo's Gun Shop who is killed off early in the adventure.

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Resident Evil 2 is slated for release on January 25, 2019.

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