Resident Evil 2 Remake ESRB Rating Hints At Microtransactions

The ESRB rating for Resident Evil 2 confirms the long-awaited remake will use microtransactions. Resident Evil 2 is commonly regarded as one of the best entries in the long-running series, and fans have been campaigning for a remake for years. Capcom finally confirmed a remake was in development back in 2015, but it took another three years before they unveiled it. The remake gives the classic game a complete graphical overhaul, in addition to reimagining classic locations and monsters.

While some fans railed against the inclusion of an over the shoulder perspective instead of a fixed camera view, reactions to Resident Evil 2 have thus far been very positive. Rumors at the beginning of 2018 suggested classic setpieces like the giant alligator had been cut, and that HUNK’s bonus scenario had also been taken out but might appear as DLC. Thankfully, the game’s producers have since confirmed those rumors are false.

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More footage from Resident Evil 2 has been appearing in recent days to hype the game’s upcoming January 2019 launch date. Now the game has officially been rated Mature by ESRB for "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language" - which is no surprise, considering the extreme bloodshed seen in various previews. The rating also confirms the title will use microtransactions in some form but offers no further details.

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It was recently confirmed players would be able to unlock Claire and Leon’s classic costumes from the original Resident Evil 2 for free, and that bonus missions like HUNK and Tofu will be part of the game itself and not downloadable content. There’s a chance the in-game purchases mentioned in the rating will only be for cosmetic items like bonus weapons and costumes, so hopefully, players won’t have to spend more money to unlock additional gameplay.

The Resident Evil franchise spent a few years leaning more towards action over horror, but both Resident Evil VII: Biohazard and now Resident Evil 2’s remake have seen the series go back to its survival horror roots in a big way. This also applies to the movie series, which after six movies of increasingly bombastic action, the upcoming reboot appears to be focusing on horror, too. Johannes Roberts (47 Metres Down) was recently hired to write and direct.

The response to Resident Evil 2 has also seen Capcom announce their interest in further remakes of classic titles, with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis already rumored to be in development.

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Source: ESRB

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