Resident Evil 2 Producers Want To Remake Other Games In Series

The producers of Resident Evil 2 would like to remake other fixed camera entries in the Resident Evil series. The original Resident Evil was a surprise success for publisher Capcom and introduced survival horror to a generation of players. They immediately set to work on a sequel, which was set to end the story. Early development on the project was famously messy, with the first version of the sequel being scrapped when it was around 60 percent complete due to the producer finding the gameplay dull.

The final version of Resident Evil 2 is considered a landmark entry and is arguably the best installment of the series. It obviously didn’t end the franchise either, with numerous sequels, spinoffs and movies being produced in the years since. The game was so popular fans campaigned for years for Capcom to remake the title with modern graphics, similar to their acclaimed 2002 reworking of the original Resident Evil. The remake was finally confirmed in 2015, and it will honor the original by having an emphasis on tension and horror over action.

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Reaction to the Resident Evil 2 remake has been positive so far, with the game staying true to the spirit of the original while adding its own twists on classic monsters and settings. One element that’s been somewhat controversial is the new over-the-shoulder perspective, however. The original Resident Evil 2 employed a fixed camera, and while purists were hoping for a return to that style, Capcom went with an OTS perspective instead. Now in an interview with PlayStation Official Magazine UK (via Wccftech), Resident Evil 2’s producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda mention the possibility of revisiting other fixed camera entries.

OPM: Which game in the series would you like to remake after Resident Evil 2?

Hirabayashi: I don’t have room for anything in my head other than Resident Evil 2 at the moment

Kanda: I think It would be interesting to provide OTS versions of our fixed camera games, but for the time being my priority is making Resident Evil 2 a success

Resident Evil 2 Remake Splash Image

There’s already been talk of remaking earlier titles in the series, with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis being the most requested. At this stage, the Resident Evil 2 remake is poised to become a big success, so from a financial standpoint alone it would make sense to go back to titles younger players may not have experienced. While the fixed camera perspective was great for building tension, it soon fell out of favor with players when Resident Evil 4 introduced the over-the-shoulder style instead.

The Resident Evil games are leaning back toward horror too, with Resident Evil VII: Biohazard also putting an emphasis on suspense. Sequels like Resident Evil 5 & 6 all but dropped the survival horror aspect and focused on fast-paced action, which some fans lamented. With both Resident Evil VII and their Resident Evil 2 remake, it seems Capcom want to go back to the roots of the Resident Evil series.

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Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via Wccftech)

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