Watch: 45 Minutes of Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay

Resident Evil 2 2019 trailer

There are few games more anticipated than Resident Evil 2. This remake of the 1998 classic was first announced back in 2015, but then immediately disappeared without a trace for years while Resident Evil 7: Biohazard took center stage, successfully reviving the venerated survival horror franchise.

After being officially unveiled at E3 2018, all eyes are now on Resident Evil 2 to retell the timeless tale of Claire and Leon's harrowing escape from Raccoon City. Using the original game's scenario as a narrative template and the gameplay of Resident Evil 7 as the foundation for crafting action and terror and equal measure, Resident Evil 2 is aiming to be the ultimate RE experience for fans and newcomers alike.

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YouTube channel GAMEOST has compiled several Resident Evil 2 videos into one forty-five minute clip, intended to build excitement for the long-awaited horror remake.

Everything In The 45-Minute Clip Of Resident Evil 2

The nearly hour-long clip begins with the PlayStation Underground clip from the Claire Redfield scenario, featuring the heroine taking on lickers and the villainous Chief Irons, picking up right where our hands-on demo left off.

Next, the video shows a significantly shortened version of the now-iconic E3 reveal trailer before seguing into a complete playthrough of Leon's demo, sans commentary. The demo features Marvin Branagh, some nasty zombie headshots, and even some intense shotgun blasts, which really put the much-touted "wet gore" system on full display. Scoring a direct hit on a shambling undead creature is a visceral, disturbing, and deeply satisfying spectacle. Of course, being a survival horror title, ammo is at a premium in Resident Evil 2, so relying on a powerful weapon to take down regular zombies will surely become a problem when confronted with boss enemies like Mr. X or the G-Virus-infected William Birkin, pictures of whom were recently leaked to the public.

Finally, the video ends with a severely truncated version of the RE2 story trailer, which shows Claire interacting with Marvin Branagh and shows off some more violent moments, including the first meeting between Claire and Leon, which should be extremely familiar to fans of the original title.

Ada Wong Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom

While followers of the Resident Evil 2 hype train have surely already seen everything this video has to offer, there's no harm in reviewing all of the previously released footage, all bunched together in one video. Resident Evil is one of the longest running video game soap operas out there.

In a time where video game franchises are constantly being rebooted, it's warmly reassuring – even in the context of horror – that the Resident Evil mythology has been going strong, following one continuity, since the very first game back in 1996. Even when individual titles are remade (such as the Gamecube remake of the first game and this current project), they don't alter the continuity of the series; they only add to it. Even stinkers and side-stories like Survivor, Dead Aim and (shudder) Umbrella Corps are still part of the ever-growing canon of Resident Evil.

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Resident Evil 2 is due out on January 25, 2019.

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