Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Launching in January

Resident Evil 2 2019 artwork

Capcom fans are in for a treat, as it looks like a playable demo of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 reimagining is coming in January. As players prepare to tool up and head back into the bowels of Raccoon City, Resident Evil 2 is already tipped as one of 2019's hottest games.

Based on Capcom's 1998 sequel, the 'new' Resident Evil 2 is a retelling of the original story instead of a traditional remake. Alongside redesigns for the likes of Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Ada Wong, 2019's game will chart new territory with its own twist on the classic story. However, there won't be any new enemies in Resident Evil 2.

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According to TrueAchievements, the Xbox Store spoiled the surprise that something called "Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo" will arrive on January 11. With the demo coming to the Xbox Store, PlayStation 4 owners can also expect it to land on the PlayStation Store at the same time or shortly after. The site doesn't reveal what the "1-Shot" title refers to, but the demo's description explains that players can die as many time as they want within a 30-minute timeframe.

Resident Evil 2 2019 demo

As the description reminds fans old and new, Resident Evil 2 will include a new 3rd person perspective, new missions and storylines, all rebuilt with Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine. Whether gamers want to bask in the chaos of an infected Raccoon City or see how far they can get in a speed-run, the demo promises to give a taste of what's to come. The demo will only be available until January 31 and it's currently unclear whether "1-Shot" means it can only be played once, but thankfully, there isn't long to wait.

Back in June, a lucky few got to see all of this in action during a demo that charted early stages of Resident Evil 2, playing as Leon inside the RPD. It's unclear what the new demo will involve, but it's more than likely that it will be a mainstream release of the area that was shown earlier this year. Our hands-on preview has already praised Resident Evil 2 as a breath of fresh air to the undead corpse that has been shuffling onto consoles since 1996.

Capcom has already hinted that more Resident Evil titles could get similar treatment if the latest entry is a hit. With Resident Evil 2's full release coming on January 25, the demo should arrive just in time to make players hungry for more and test out the game before parting with their cash. That being said, Resident Evil 2 is already looking like a faithful reinterpretation of one of the most popular titles in the franchise.

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Source: TrueAchievements

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