Capcom May Have Revealed Resident Evil 2’s Release Date

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom may have revealed when they plan to release their highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2. While it wasn't technically the first survival horror video game, the original Resident Evil helped make the genre popular thanks to its creepy atmosphere, awesome jump scares and players having to carefully manage their limited supplies to survive. The runaway success of the title soon led to a sequel, which some fans consider the highlight of the series.

Resident Evil 2 from 1998 allowed players to choose between two characters and dropped them into the middle of zombie-infested Raccoon City. The sequel refined and improved upon the gameplay mechanics of the original, and the game's enormous success let Capcom know they had a full-blown franchise on their hands. The series is still running strong to this day, and has been spun off into novels, comics and a movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich; a movie reboot was announced last year.

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Prior to its announcement fans had petitioned Capcom for a next-gen remake of Resident Evil 2 for years, and it was finally confirmed in 2015 the game was happening. Capcom has kept the project top secret since then, with no further updates or screenshots being offered. It appears the company might be getting ready to unveil the title, however, with the company teasing in a recent fiscal earnings meeting (via ComicBook) they'll be releasing two major titles in 2019, which will be released on March 22 and April 19 respectively.

Many are predicting one of those titles is almost certainly Resident Evil 2, with the other potentially being a new Devil May Cry game. The fiscal report also made mention of utilizing dormant IP's, which may give credence to a recent report the company is planning to resurrect the Onimusha franchise in some form.

The mystery surrounding the Resident Evil 2 remake has only made fans more curious about it. Earlier this year a report emerged teasing details about the project, including the reveal it would have an over-the-shoulder perspective, that the city sections of the game would be expanded upon and the Raccoon City Police Department building had been completely redesigned. The report also suggested the famous boss fight with a giant alligator had been removed and that the focus would be on horror over action.

Capcom is currently riding high thanks to the success of Monster Hunter World, and Resident Evil 7 also received robust sales and a positive critical reaction. It seems the publisher is intent on moving Resident Evil away from action, with many fans complaining the series strayed too far in that direction in recent years. Hopefully, the remake of Resident Evil 2 will follow a similar path.

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Source: Capcom (via ComicBook)

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