Resident Evil 2 Gameplay Footage Brings Back Fan-Favorite Character

Capcom's reimagining of Resident Evil 2 is bringing back a fan-favorite character from the original game and this time Lieutenant Marvin Branagh will have a little more to do. Although Resident Evil 2 will once again focus on Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, there are plenty of familiar faces along for the ride.

Capcom doesn't want the upcoming released to be called a Resident Evil 2 remake and the latest gameplay footage proves why 1998's original is only a jumping off point for the 21st Century upgrade. Once again returning the action to the grim halls of the Raccoon City Police Department, players can relive Marvin Branagh's tragic tale all over again.

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The footage was shown at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong and includes 16 minutes of brand new gameplay. In the original Resident Evil 2, a mortally-wounded Branagh is found in R.P.D and helps the protagonists before succumbing to his injuries. Players are still sure to face-off against a zombified Branagh, but it looks like the new Resident Evil 2 is giving the doomed Lieutenant more of a story this time around. As the Ani-Com gameplay shows, Branagh hands Leon an invaluable combat knife to expand his limited armory near the start of the game.

Marvin Branagh Resident Evil 2 1998

As the first black zombie in a Resident Evil game and the only black zombie in Resident Evil 2, fans often forget the importance of a character like Branagh. Although Capcom has confirmed it won't adapt storylines from the abandoned Resident Evil 1.5 into the new Resident Evil 2, Branagh was meant to have a larger role alongside Leon in the prototype. Although Marvin may not get a starring role in the "new" Resident Evil 2, at least he hasn't been forgotten altogether.

From the corrupt Chief Brian Irons to the adorable Sherry Birkin and series stalwart Ada Wong, all the old gang is expected to play a part in Resident Evil 2. The gameplay reiterates that even those who played the original Resident Evil 2 until their PlayStation controllers were worn out will still be surprised by Capcom's latest version. Branagh may still be set for an early grave, but at least Resident Evil 2 is paying tribute to one of the franchise's forgotten greats.

Resident Evil 2 2019 trailer

While the claustrophobic atmosphere of Resident Evil 2 is still there in the new footage, it is easy to see where Capcom has made some improvements. Remastering an old game with a brand new set of controls is tricky enough, but the fact that developers are also overhauling Resident Evil 2's zapping system shows that the latest title is more of a homage. Thankfully, the core of the game remains the same as Marvin Branagh gets another grisly swansong in Resident Evil 2 next year.

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