Resident Evil 2 Screenshots Compare Remake to Original

Capcom releases screenshots comparing the Resident Evil 2 remake with the 1998 original game. The new game is set for release January 2019.

Capcom has released a set of comparison photos to compare the differences between their Resident Evil 2 remake and the 1998 original. While Resident Evil wasn’t the first survival horror game, it helped make the niche genre mainstream. The game dropped players into a spooky mansion filled with zombies, monsters, and traps, and forced them to carefully manage their limited supply of health and ammo to survive.

The game's surprise success lead to publisher Capcom immediately greenlighting a sequel. Development on this title was troubled, however, and one version of the game was scrapped at around 60 percent completion as the producer felt it wasn’t good enough. The released game is considered to be arguably the finest in the franchise with its mix of tense gameplay, exciting action, and memorable characters. For years Resident Evil fans campaigned for a remake of the title, with Capcom finally confirming development in 2015.

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Fan response to the Resident Evil 2 remake has been incredibly positive thus far, with the game featuring stunning graphics and looking faithful to the original while also adding new gameplay elements. Reaction to the over the shoulder perspective was somewhat mixed, however. Now Capcom has released a number of screenshots on Resident Evil’s official Twitter account contrasting the differences between the remake and the original.

The producers behind Resident Evil 2 are thinking of it as less of a remake than an entirely new game, and they want to use players' intimate knowledge of the original title against them in this new version. The producers also admitted they had some problems retaining elements from the original - like the giant alligator fight - but they kept them regardless to please fans. They also confirmed the HUNK and Tofu side-missions would be included.

Resident Evil 2 is ticking a lot of boxes for longtime series fans. It’s another step away from the heavy action focus the franchise took for a number of years, like the much lambasted Resident Evil 6, and it's bringing one of the most beloved entries to a new generation who didn’t get to experience it the first time around. The remake has been received so positively that Capcom is already mulling further remakes, with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis being another fan favorite. They’re also considering a further remake of the original game - which already received an acclaimed redux version in 2002 for the GameCube.

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Source: Resident Evil Twitter

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