Resident Evil 2: First Look At Ada Wong's New Design

Gamers can finally get a look at the brand new Ada Wong from 2019's Resident Evil 2. Capcom is reimagining the 1998 classic for next-gen consoles and will put a fresh twist on the game that fans have come to know and love over the past 20 years.

Ada Wong became a fan-favorite of the Resident Evil series after Capcom introduced her in Resident Evil 2. The shady antihero went on to appear in the likes of Resident Evil 4Resident Evil 6, and was played by Li Bingbing in the movie series' Resident Evil: Retribution. While Ada's new look has been a mystery until now, the surprise looks to have been spoiled early.

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Leaked on ResetEra, the new Ada fits with the rest of the game's reimagined characters. Although Capcom is yet to confirm that the screenshots are the real deal, it looks like a pretty solid leak of the official Ada Wong. Capcom surely knew that Ada's reveal would be big news after the Resident Evil 2 E3 trailer appeared to kept her hiding in the shadows. Despite someone getting there first and ruining the marketing department's plan for Ada, there's no stopping the hype of the what she could bring to Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2019 Ada Wong

Some have already poked fun at Ada's appearance, joking that all she needs is a fedora to look like a 1950s detective. With Ada known as a mysterious character with links to faceless corporations with sinister motives, an incognito look fits with her backstory. Hardcore Resident Evil fans will notice that Ada's revamp is a million miles away from the slinky red dress that she wore in the 1998 game. That being said, a beige trench coat and dark glasses are much more practical for a a spy's day to day wardrobe.

Players have already seen the reimagined versions of Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, while other characters like Marvin Branagh have also been given a revamp. Similar to Wong, another side character who has undergone a transformation ahead of 2019's game is Sherry Birkin. The little girl is promised to completely different in Resident Evil 2 and has reportedly been inspired by Newt from Aliens.

More than just a simple update of graphics to give the characters a facelift, Capcom promises to start from the ground up with Resident Evil 2. Although 2019's game will again head back to the Racoon City Police Department as Claire and Leon fight for survival, there are plenty of familiar faces with new faces for players to interact with.  Sony's movie series may have cast Ada aside in a massive misstep, but expect the ambiguous villain to be front and center when Resident Evil 2 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC in January 2019.

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Source: ResetEra

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