Red Band Trailer for 'Repo Men'

Today we have a the red-band band trailer for a sci-fi action-thriller called Repo Men. Before you start freaking out: no,  it's not the sequel to the 80s cult-hit with Emilio Estevez and flying cars.

Repo Men stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as two futuristic agents whose job is to repossess the hi-tech organs of recipients who can't pay their costly bills to a less-than-friendly company called The Union. The movie is based on the novel The Repossession Mambo by Erica Garcia, who also wrote the novel-turned-movie Matchstick Men.

Of course, a film like this needs a twist and in Repo Men that twist comes when Law's character, Remy, has an accident that forces him to receive one of The Union's hi-tech hearts. When Remy can't pay his own bills for the new heart, the company he used to get his hands dirty for comes after him - including his best friend and partner,  Jake (Whitaker).

I'll warn you - this red-band trailer shows a lot of bloody action sequences and gives away a fair amount of the plot . If you are sensitive about SPOILERS, you may want to wait for the standard green-band trailer. If not, have a look at Repo Men:

For a hi-res version go HERE.

This film wasn't on our radar before this trailer dropped, and while the plot looks like a mashup of the classic Repo Man and Minority Report, I like both Law and Whitaker and look forward to seeing them square off against one another onscreen (kind of an odd pairing when you think about it).

Also, the action sequences and set designs look pretty cool from what I saw. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Repo Men also stars Liev Shcreiber, Alice Braga (I Am Legend) and RZA. The film is currently slated for a an April 2, 2010 release.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source: Myspace via Shock Til You Drop

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