'Repo Men' Green Band Trailer

Just a couple of days before Christmas last year (it's weird we can say "last year" about 2009, isn't it?) a new red band trailer for the sci-fi/action-thriller Repo Men appeared online. The film hadn't really appeared on our radar until that point but from some of the bloody and intense action sequences, along with a cool storyline and a great cast, the film is now one I'm keeping an eye out for.

In an odd reversal of the usual order, the red band trailer dropped weeks before the green band, but we now have the latter for you to enjoy. Naturally it takes out most of the explicit stuff from the red band, and by that I'm particularly referring to the amount of blood shown on-screen. In that way this trailer hides the film's true identity, even though it's understandable why they need to make a "safe" trailer like this for general audiences.

Just as a reminder, Repo Men is about two futuristic agents who repossess the cybernetic organs of people who can't afford to pay their bills to an... unfriendly organization known as The Union. Of course, movies like this need that twist thrown in there and in this case, the character played by Jude Law gets into an accident that leads to him needing one of The Union's high-tech hearts. Ironically for him, he can't afford the bill, so the company he once worked for comes after him, including his partner and lifelong friend (Forest Whitaker). It's based on the novel The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia.

Here's the official trailer for Repo Men below, courtesy of Trailer Addict (special thanks to Latino Review for pointing us to it):

Many people have pointed out that this film looks a little too similar to the horror-fantasy musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, and our own Kofi Outlaw even described it as, "a mashup of the classic Repo Man and Minority Report," which seems like an apt description :) .

Nevertheless, the visuals look slick and polished, the pairing of Jude Law and Forest Whitaker is odd but interesting, and - as evidenced by the previous red band trailer - the shackles are loose in terms of what they can show on-screen (even if this green band trailer does a great job of hiding that fact). I'll certainly be checking this out.

Thoughts on the official green band trailer for Repo Men? Did you prefer the red band trailer because of all the extra stuff you got to see?

Repo Men will be released in theaters on April 2nd this year.

Source: Trailer Addict (special thanks to Latino Review)

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