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Repo Men hits theaters this Friday and I have a feeling a fair number of movie goers are going to see it (if they aren't lured outside by the gorgeous Spring weather, that is).

And why shouldn't people be interested in Repo Men? After all, it stars acclaimed actor Forest Whitaker and acclaimed gorgeous boy Jude Law in a futuristic action-thriller/black comedy about a world where artificial organs are sold (and repossessed) like any other American ware.

I saw Repo Men a few weeks back, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for our official review. For now, as a sort of prep kit for the movie, we've got a new Repo Men director's cut trailer, clips from the movie and info about a FREE spin-off digital comic, which features the titular repossession experts doing the bad things they do so well.

In case you need some back story, here's a synopsis:

In the future humans have extended their lives using highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs created and sold  by a company called "The Union". But if you don't pay your bill, "The Union" sends its deadly repo men to reclaim its property - with no concern for your survival. Former soldier Remy is one of the best repo men in the business - however, when he suffers an injury on the job, he awakens to find himself fitted with the company's top-of-the-line heart-replacement, as well as a hefty debt. When Remy can't make his own payments, The Union sends its toughest enforcer and Remy's former partner, Jake (Whitaker), to track him down.

The Repo Men red-band trailer was interesting enough - however this new trailer, cut together by director Miguel Sapochnik (The Dreamer) is a little bit better. Check it out:




If that new trailer got you interested (and you don't mind pre-viewing a movie) then check out this collection of Repo Men clips, provided by Collider:

Finally, if you truly dig the premise and characters of this film, you'll want to check out this FREE Repo Men digital comic that was released on iTunes:




Repo Men also stars Liev Schreiber (Wolverine) and Alice Braga (Predators). It will be in theaters tomorrow, March 19th. Check back for our official review.

Sources: Apple, Collider, Repo Men Official Site

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