Reminder: Stargate Universe Premieres Tomorrow

Dust off your portal, dial in the symbols and make sure the seventh chevron is locked (sometimes it sticks) because Friday, October 2nd marks the two-hour premiere of the highly anticipated fourth entry into the Stargate series, Stargate Universe.

If you're a fan of the Stargate series, then I don't have to persuade you to tune in. You're probably already donning your Teal'c costume trying to figure out if the gold paint will come off of your forehead (yes, but you have to rub really hard).

If you're not a fan then you probably haven't understood one thing I've said so far, but if you're still reading this you might as well tune it, you'll have fun. I promise. (I can't guarantee that last statement. I can't be held responsible If you're a Negative Nancy.)

With this month marking 15 years since the release of original Stargate film, it's amazing to see what all this franchise has accomplished. In the past 15 years, they have made a total of four films (including the original), 5 novels, 12 comic books and 4 television series' (including Universe) lasting a total of 17 seasons with 342 episodes between them. That's prettying good for a franchise that started out with Kurt Russell and James Spader. I don't see any Tango & Cash: Atlantis or Pretty in Pink: PP1.

If you haven't noticed Screen Rant's coverage of Stargate Universe then you really haven't been paying attention. If you're interested, you can check out a 4-preview of tomorrows premiere, read about the planned webisodes to accompany the series or check out pictures of the cast and set.

Have you fill of Stargate Universe yet? No? Alright... Check below for a video of Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) answering fan questions about the series:

So, that being said, will you be tuning in tomorrow? I know I will. Expect to see a very nerdy review and discussion of the Stargate Universe premiere shortly after it airs.

You must watch (it's the law) Stargate Universe, 9PM on SyFy.

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