Remedy Entertainment Acquires Alan Wake Publishing Rights From Microsoft

Remedy Entertainment has regained publishing rights for Alan Wake from Microsoft. Alan Wake released in 2010 as an Xbox 360 exclusive, with a follow-up release in 2012 on Microsoft Windows. The title followed the adventures of a best-selling thriller author trying to solve the mystery of his wife's disappearance. In the process, he discovers that the plot from his latest book has started to come to supernatural life.

The title received critical and fan praise for its unique approach to storytelling, including a plot that laid itself out in chapters that ended on twists and cliffhangers, much like a mystery novel. Gameplay involved ridding the world of darkness, quite literally, with the help of a flashlight, flare guns and other light-based weapons. After its release, Remedy continued to reiterate that it would love to make a sequel, which, at one point, was in development, although Alan Wake 2 was eventually scrapped. Remedy also did not get a chance to port the game to other consoles because Microsoft owned the publishing rights to the title.

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However, that is no longer the case. A press release posted to Globe News Wire indicates that Remedy now owns the publishing rights for Alan Wake, meaning that the studio now has a chance to breathe new life into the title, as well as finally create a sequel. Eurogamer also reports that Remedy has already started teasing a release of Alan Wake on other platforms, including PlayStation.

Remedy's relationship with Microsoft began to suffer with the development of Quantum Break, which began life as an Alan Wake sequel. However, Microsoft insisted that the title become a new IP with interactive storytelling, although Remedy still managed to sneak in a few Alan Wake Easter eggs. Although Quantum Break did well, it seems that Remedy now wishes to get away from exclusives and focus on developing games for all platforms.

Remedy is still a small independently-owned studio, so if anything, an Alan Wake remaster for PlayStation is probably more likely than an Alan Wake sequel, at least for the time being. Remedy's current focus is solely on Control, a game it announced in 2018. Control also deals with the supernatural and focuses on an agency that studies other-worldly phenomena. Control releases in August, but Remedy has plans to continue supporting the game by adding new stories and missions. An Alan Wake sequel won't happen until the studio has enough resources freed up to work on it, but regaining publishing rights does now mean a sequel is possible.

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Source: Globe News Wire, Eurogamer

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