Because We NEED Another Remake: Sorority Row

My fat, balding (but not as good looking as me) buddy over at has a couple of exclusive pics from the R rated to PG-13 remake of the 1983 film The House on Sorority Row coming out this October, now titled only Sorority Row.

The film will star a bunch of cute young things including Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis and Audrina Patridge.

UPDATE: The following is now a non-sequiter rant, as a Screen Rant reader pointed out that it seems this film will NOT be rated PG-13, although that was the original plan.

I really, REALLY hate this 21st century trend of PG-13 horror movies - I mean how much "horror" can you put into PG-13 movie? Back in the glory days of horror movies (the 1980s to be precise), you had tons of creative gore and to be blunt, half the reason to go see those films was for the inevitable topless babes scene.

Now they trim just enough out of these films to have them squeak by with money-magnet PG-13 rating, and the only person you'll see topless is a buff male character, in order to justify the teenage boys in the audience getting their girlfriends to come along to the movie. 8-)

Anyway, click on the image below to see what you have in store:


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