Remake hell, continued: Kojack

USA Network is starting things rolling with a remake of TV's Kojack starring Ving Rhames, who will also executive produce.

Why???? Especially when it will be "Kojack" in name only? The only thing this will have in common with the Telly Savalas' series will be a cop with a bald head. Maybe they'll have Rhames suck on a lollipop as a nod to the old show, but beyond that I guarantee it will be completely different.

I am just so sick to death of the studios hijacking old TV show titles in order to grab baby boomers attention, only to deliver something that's completely alien to the original, thus alienating the original fans. Sure, they'll create something new that may appeal to viewers who weren't even born when the original show aired, and probably have never seen a single episode... but then, WHAT'S THE POINT?!?


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