Rejected Iron Man Movie Armor Concepts

[Update Feb 28, 2008: Click here for the brand new, full Iron Man movie trailer!]

Update May 2, 2007: Click here for the first official look at the red & gold Iron Man armor from the movie! Freaking GORGEOUS!

Update April 11, 2007: Click here for the first official look at the actual Mark I Iron Man armor from the movie.

For those of you that hated the rejected designs down below, here are some Granov-inspired 3D renders that the artist did as well. I actually liked the versions down below (except for the helmet) but these right here totally rock IMHO and if the producers don't consider bringing this guy on board I think they're nuts.

FYI, here are some Iron Man armor concepts that did not make the cut for the upcoming movie. Personally I think these are fantastic, straddling a line between realism and the comic book world that would really work with the James Bond/Tom Clancy vibe that director Jon Favreau is going for.

Click on the images below for larger versions.

These were designed/rendered by Brandon Perlow who has done TV and movie computer effects work. Brandon met with visual effects supervisor John Nelson who said that although he liked the design and that in some cases it paralleled what they were doing, it did not fit in with their overall direction. They're wanting to go in more of an Adi Granov design direction. It will be interesting to see how the final concept measures up to these.

For more of Brandon's work, visit his site:

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