Reigns: Game of Thrones Guide: Tips, Tricks, & All Ruler Unlocks

How to Survive Winter & Get All Nine Endings

As bloody as the politics behind the Iron Throne is, there's a much larger threat looming in the distance, with the armies of the White Walkers coming from the north. This is perhaps the biggest challenge of the game, and each of the rulers has their own way to survive through the dangers of winter. So, here's how to defeat the White Walkers for each character.

Daenerys: Each of the rulers has an ending that ties into their own personal skillset, and for Daenerys victory relies on her dragons. Following some research done by the Grand Maester, it is suggested that the dragons need riders, and the queen is sent off to find Rhaegal. Depending on the interactions chosen with Rhaegal, one rider has to be chosen over the other: if you touched Rhaegal, choose Sansa, and if you looked at him, choose Tyrion. Then, with two dragons on side, Westeros will be able to defeat the White Walker threat and survive winter.

Tyrion: Fans of Game of Thrones may remember Tyrion's great mind as a tactician, particularly when it it game to the use of Wildfire during the Battle of Blackwater Bay. A similar strategy should be used here. The Pyromancer can be found in the dungeon, so when given the opportunity to go down there, take it. Then, get them to start making Wildfire, and once it is ready take it to ice cap on the God’s Eye lake. When the White Walker threat approaches, trigger this trap and take them down.

Cersei: Wildfire is also key to survival when it comes to Cersei. During a council meeting, choosing the Winter and Wildfire dialogue options will allow the player to discuss the development of new War Machines with the Pyromancer to help combat the threat of the White Walkers. It's then a matter of making it through ten more days to have these new weapons created, which will allow the army of the dead to be defeated and winter to end.

Jaime: Jaime's fight against the White Walkers in Reigns: Game of Thrones is more of a straightforward battle. The ruler must be advised that the people see him as the reborn legend of Azor Ahai, which grants the status of The Sword. From here, when the army of the White Walkers appears, the player will have to complete a speech and then go to battle, and choose the following options: against the "scores of undead giants, bears, and other monstrous creatures" use the archers. Against the undead army, use the knights, and then against the zombified Viserion use the Scorpion. That will then lead to summer once more.

Sansa: Although Sophie Turner thinks the finale of Game of Thrones may divide the fanbase, Sansa's successful rule is all about diplomacy and uniting all sides. First, the player must arrange to marry Jaime Lannister when he has been captured, before then finding a peaceful solution to the infighting within Westeros. This means solving any conflicts that the player may have at that time. Marry Jaime, being sure to appease all parties during the ceremony, and then use the One Kingdom card in the war against the undead, choosing the same battle options as above, except using Drogon against Viserion.

Jon Snow: For Jon Snow, defeating the White Walkers relies on the use of Valyrian steel, but getting hold of it isn't straightforward. After receiving a message from Daenerys that something has been stolen from the Warlocks of Qarth, speak to Varys to head down to the tavern, where a pirate is boasting about a successful acquisition. Listen to the conversation, and then buy the Valyrian Dust from him. Giving this to Samwell Tarly will then allow the production of Valyrian swords, which will defeat the White Walkers.

Arya: Arya is posing as Cersei when she is the ruler, but eventually it is time to let that mask slip. When chasing Balerion the cat, follow him into the dungeon, and find him down there, where it will be revealed that the cat has been taken over by Bran who suggests that Arya goes to Winterfell. Do this by choosing the option in a council meeting, and once there reveal to Jon and Sansa that you are Arya rather than Cersei to unlock The Pact. During the battle against the White Walker army, use the same options as for Sansa.

Gendry: To survive winter with Gendry,  Ayra is needed. Await word from her, who will task the player with completing a card matching game by selecting the cards that correspond to the same ones where the Three-Eyed Raven appeared. Do this, and Ayra will then go to find the Horn of Winter. Survive long enough to get this, and then blow the horn to raise earth giants and destroy the White Walkers when given the chance.

The Three-Eyed Raven: The Three Eyed-Raven option is perhaps the most piecemeal to put together. Choose the Raven as ruler, and then any of the other character options; it doesn't matter which one, as they all have the same end goal this time around. Whenever a character in the game asks to mine Dragonglass, say yes, and keep doing this as much as possible. Get enough, and this will then allow you to give Dragonglass weapons to the armies. When the fight comes, choose the same options as Jaime to end winter.

Beat all the endings, and the player will be greeted with an image of the Weirwood. That said, the main takeaway from beating the game is no doubt the sense of satisfaction - and hopefully Game of Thrones itself will be able to provide something similar with its own grand finale.

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