Reggie Fils-Aimé is Back to Help Bring Games & Scholarships to Underserved Communities

Reggie Fils Aime Gives Back Game Scholarships

Reggie Fils-Aimé is keeping busy after his retirement from Nintendo of America's president role, joining an organization that will allow him to bring games and scholarships to underserved communities in the New York Videogame Critics Circle (NYVGCC) as a member of its board of directors. Reggie Fils-Aimé is famous for his time with Nintendo, which was characterized by his frequent appearances on major broadcasts that led to him being a central figure in the community and a good sport about the many memes spawned by his relaxed, affable demeanor.

The NYVGCC has several programs that offer mentorship, internships, and scholarships for underprivileged students, while also hosting community events that help broaden game education in the area. Fils-Aimé is a veteran of the industry and his retirement from Nintendo's American offices is still a talking point even months after the fact, despite being succeeded by a man in Doug Bowser whose name alone is enough to help fill the void of all the Reggie jokes that are sorely missed among fans. Fils-Aimé grew up in the New York area near the Bronx, so his joining the group and looking to help students in the area makes for a perfect fit.

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Fils-Aimé's position on the NYVGCC board of directors is the latest for him post-retirement, but he's also already a Managing Partner at Brentwood Growth Partners and a Leader-in-Residence at Cornell University, meaning he will be splitting time between several different pursuits. Still, his involvement is a huge get for the organization, and Fils-Aimé himself commented on just how important the work he plans to do with the group will be to him moving forward in a press release:

"Drawing from my years of experience in the gaming industry for having a big picture perspective, and from my roots as a kid from the Bronx, joining the New York Videogame Critics Circle board of directors feels like a natural fit.

I have an admiration for the work that the NYVGCC has accomplished in giving back to communities since its inception and can’t wait to jump in and contribute to the success of the organization."

Reggie Fils Aime

It's also a nice boon for video game fans, who simply wanted Fils-Aimé to remain involved in the industry in some fashion. While he won't be bringing his energy to Nintendo Directs anymore, he'll instead be helping future generations of fans get the opportunities they should be afforded - something we can likely all agree is even more important. Fils-Aimé's position at Cornell University will also involve mentoring students, this time at the college level, with the goal of shaping the next generation of leaders. For someone who retired recently, Fils-Aimé appears to be just as busy as he always was, just in pursuit of the things he couldn't do while fulfilling his duties as Nintendo of America president.

Having Fils-Aimé back in the headlines is something of a comfort for video game fans, and having it be something as exciting as him getting involved in mentorship work is even better. It's yet another reminder how lucky Nintendo fans were to have Fils-Aimé in the role he was for as long as he was there, and another reason to respect his decision to step down and pursue other goals.

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