Want To Redesign The TARDIS For Doctor Who?

Want to be part of Doctor Who history and redesign the TARDIS for the new series? Well, now you've got the chance as the television show Blue Peter is running a contest where viewers can submit their TARDIS console designs with one lucky winner (chosen by new Doctor, Matt Smith) getting the once-in-a-lifetime chance for their TARDIS console to appear in the upcoming fifth series.

There's only one problem; Blue Peter is a children's television show and you have to be between the ages of 6-12 to enter. Oh yeah, and live in the UK. Yeah, I'm angry as well. I haven't wanted to be a British child this bad since I watched Worst Witch at the age of 7. (I soon realized that Worst Witch was about an all-girls witches academy and felt awkward about wanting be to a adolescent British girl.)

You may be asking yourself, "Why are they doing this?" Lucky for you, the editor of BBC's Blue Peter, Tim Levell, has the answer:

"Doctor Who prides itself on surprising its viewers at every turn, and who better than a child to come up with the latest design of the TARDIS console?"

Well, Mr. Levell, color me surprised. That's exactly what the new season of Doctor Who needs; a child set designer. Now, for those not happy about this or are still reeling after the announcement of the new logo earlier this week, don't be upset as this will not be a permanent change to our beloved time traveling space craft. The winning TARDIS console design will be used by the Doctor in just one episode next series.

Check out the video of the contest announcement below. (It's a pretty good watch, they talk with production designer Edward Thomas and we get to take some peeks at the Master's sonic screw driver that will most likely be the cause of David Tennant's regeneration into Matt Smith.


For those that are between 6-12 and live in the UK, I hate you. Still, head over to the Blue Peter site to pick up the entry form and TARDIS console template.

Hmm... that only-one-episode thing has me thinking. If it's a new TARDIS console that will be used by the Doctor and only for one episode, what's going on in that episode? Did something happen where the world has been changed? Does its "child-like" design have something to do with it? Does anyone know where I can get the paperwork/surgery to pass myself off as a British child? (Cause I've got this wicked TARDIS design that involves sporks, bouncy balls and some old, individually wrapped, microwavable S'Mores from back in the day.)

Expect to see the winner's TARDIS design when the new series of Doctor Who begins next year.

Source: BBC [via: SCI FI Wire]

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