Coco & Your Name Lead Reddit's Top 10 Movies of 2017

Coco and Your Name have been chosen as the top movie of 2017 by a community of Reddit movie buffs. The discussion website Reddit conjures a lot of different reactions, the way it relates to the discourse on film and other entertainment today. The network is home to both some of most intelligent and nuanced commentary on the Internet, as well as some of the most toxic and hateful. It’s home of unbelievably silly fan theories, and also the occasional great one.

With critics groups and various other polls at the end of the year choosing the best films of 2017, it was perhaps inevitable that r/movies, the main movie subreddit, would get in the act as well. And now they have, with something of a surprising winner.

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Coco, Disney/Pixar’s acclaimed musical drama, took the top spot in the Reddit poll. The Japanese animated film Your Name came in second in the poll, with Blade Runner 2049, Lady Bird and Baby Driver taking the next three spots. Dunkirk, Wind River, The Big Sick, Only the Brave and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, rounding out the top ten. Coco has won several critics group awards as the year's best animated film, but none have given it top honors.

The methodology of the poll, conducted through YouPoll, was somewhat nontraditional. It appeared to list 96 films for the subreddit’s membership, while asking them to rate each one, and the rankings on the list were decided by ranking the mean scores. Voters would presumably only vote on films they’ve seen. Therefore, a film that most people in the subreddit have likely seen and have strong opinions about, Star Wars: The Last Jedi received 66,159 votes (but only ranked 56th)  while the film with the second-most votes was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which earned 15,181 votes and ranked 21st. Several of the films in the top ten only earned votes in the hundreds or low thousands, but were rated positively by most.

It's worth noting that the poll doesn't include films released in 2017 before Logan (as well as Logan itself), which is why Get Out didn't make the cut here. The acclaimed drama Call Me By Your Name didn't snag a spot either, nor did The Post, Phantom Thread, and every documentary of 2017, among other awards season contenders.

However, different as the Reddit list is from the conclusions of most critics groups, the r/movies choices for the very bottom of the list (The Emoji Movie, The Snowman, Transformers: The Last Knight, The Circle, and Death Note) are very much consistent with the views of most critics on the worst movies of 2017.

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Source: Reddit/YouPoll 

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