X-Men's Bryan Singer In Talks To Direct Red Sonja Adaptation

Bryan Singer Red Sonja

After his hit-and-miss attempts with heroes in the X-Men movies, director Bryan Singer is in talks to direct an adaptation of Red Sonja. A spinoff character from Conan the Barbarianthis adaptation is expected to capitalize off the success of Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman.

Inspired by a short story from original Conan the Barbarian scribe Robert E. Howard, Red Sonja made her official debut in the Conan comics in the early '70s, and finally earned her very own comic book spinoff shortly thereafter. She's a sword-wielding warrior (sometimes referred to as a "She-Devil with a Sword") in Howard's fictional Hyborean Age alongside Conan the Barbarian who exacts vengeance on the raiders who murdered her family. Now, having dealt with his fair share of sword-fighting in 2013's Jack the Giant SlayerSinger is in talks to direct his own take on the long-running character.

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While there are very few details regarding Red Sonja's adaptation, screenwriter Ashley Miller (X-Men: First Class, Big Trouble in Little China) has been confirmed to pen the Red Sonja screenplay, with Millennium producing, according to THR. Millennium has been attached to the project for nearly 10 years, having attempted to produce the movie back in 2008 with director Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan in the title role, but it ultimately fell through. This opened the door for Singer - who was not only fired by Fox for neglecting to show up on set while directing the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsodybut was dropped by his agency, WME - to negotiate a deal of his own with the help of his attorney.

Bryan Singer

Singer faced a string of negative publicity in the past year, notably a number of sexual harassment accusations, which has struck a cord with some over Millennium's decision to hire him. After the explosive reaction that followed the #MeToo movement - ending the careers for everyone from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey - there has been a slight dip in Hollywood's promised zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. It's even started to feel slightly pick-and-choose, starting with A Star is Born being produced by Jon Peters, who was accused of sexual misconduct in 2006.

Now, with Singer essentially facing little more than a slap on the wrist following his accusations, it begs the question what other sort of leniency will follow - hardly a year after the #MeToo movement was established. Plus, there are also comic book fans out there who believe that Singer may not be the right choice for the Red Sonja project considering his depiction of the X-Men on the big screen.

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Source: THR

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