Red Sea Diving Resort Trailer: Chris Evans Stars In First Post-MCU Movie

The Red Sea Diving Resort trailer features Chris Evans starring in his first post-MCU movie. In the past two years, Evans has appeared in four different MCU installments, garnering a dedicated following as a result of his portrayal of Captain America.

With that much saving the world under his belt, Evans has turned his sights (for the time being at least), to several new endeavors not related to any comic book universe. Evans will star in the upcoming Jekyll – a sort of post Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, which is being produced by Ellen DeGeneres. In addition to that, the Captain America star is also busy filming his new thriller TV series, Defending Jacob, which is based on the bestselling novel of the same name, and he’ll play a character by the name of Ransom Robinson in Rian Johnson’s upcoming comedy crime-caper Knives Out. But before all that arrives, Evans is set to save a few more of the world’s inhabitants in the Netflix drama The Red Sea Diving Resort.

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The new film comes courtesy of Netflix, with a July 31 release date. Directed by Gideon Raff, The Red Sea Diving Resort is is inspired by real events. The story follows a group of international agents who take on the inherently risky prospect of smuggling Ethiopian refugees into Sudan via an abandoned resort and then on to Israel. The film takes place in 1979, so for those Evans fans out there who are interested in seeing their favourite MCU star with a very full beard and sporting his best 1970s attire, the film’s trailer is available below, as is the official poster.

The Red Sea Diving Resort

Historically, Ethiopian refugees once made their way to neighboring Sudan on foot, during a period of communist dictatorship in Ethiopia. Hundreds of thousands were murdered during this time, in government purges of its citizenry. Because Ethiopia was home to a substantial Jewish population, Israel made efforts to allow these refugees a haven. The Israeli secret service contacted the government of Sudan and brokered a deal to have the Ethiopian refugees relocate there (by walking from Ethiopia to Sudan), and remaining there until such a time when they could then proceed on into Israel. From 1977 to 1984, these refugees were escorted from Sudan to Israel by the Israeli military. Judging by the trailer for The Red Sea Diving Resort, the film follows a similar trajectory, and aside from Evans, the film also stars Ben Kingsley, Michael Kenneth Williams, Greg Kinnear, and Hayley Bennett.

Unfortunately, any film that attempts to market itself as a true story but states that it’s “inspired by real events” is not going to be as historically accurate as some would like. In fact, some may find the film to employ a little too much of the “white savior” trope, as it appears to sacrifice the story of Ethiopian refugees walking hundred of miles in order to make it to Sudan for action/adventure focused on Evans and his crew of vigilantes. At any rate, The Red Sea Diving Resort will likely supply a decent dose of action for those wanting to see Evans once again take on the forces of evil.

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