'Red Riding Hood' Trailer #2: A Silly But Stylish Fairytale

Red Riding Hood movie reviews Amanda Seyfried

There's no better way to get energized in the morning than by listening to the rockin' electronica chords of one-man band Nine Inch Nails (Social Network composer Trent Reznor) and the second trailer for Red Riding Hood features just that - along with some creative cinematography and a lovely leading lady in the form of Amanda Seyfried.

What may prove difficult to handle is the rest of the Red Riding Hood footage itself, since this new theatrical preview only reinforces the notion that director Catherine Hardwicke's version of the fairytale is another hammy supernatural romance/thriller full of unintentional chuckles.

Seyfried donned a sky-blue bodice and flowing scarlet cloak to play Valerie, a member of a Medieval village being terrorized by a werewolf in Red Riding Hood. Enter Gary Oldman dressed in an eye-catching purple robe as Father Solomon, an expert on hunting down and killing such monsters. Paranoia begins to spread like wildfire through the small town as citizens realize the wolf may be living among them by day - but it couldn't possibly be Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), a brooding outsider and Valerie's not-so-secret lover... right? :-P

The production stills released for Red Riding Hood are quite impressive and demonstrate that former visual designer Hardwicke has crafted a setting of frozen woods and mysterious moonlight that looks and feels like a world less ordinary. But will the film offer anything else but eye candy?

Watch the second Red Riding Hood trailer (via Apple) below:

Comparisons to Hardwicke's other supernatural romance movie aside, Red Riding Hood looks to offer some striking visuals of blood red moons and natural landscapes. It's the actors' heavy-handed line delivery and acting style (coupled with the broody romantic subplot between Valerie and Peter) that looks to make the film more of an inadvertent campfest than a chilling gothic fairytale retold.

There's an interesting idea in that the cross-bearing Solomon essentially begins a witch hunt to hunt down the werewolf, causing the villagers to be fearful of their own neighbors - but that this second trailer also subtly indicates that the joke about Red's grandmother (Oscar-winner Julie Christie) being the werewolf could be true... well, there's a reason it was meant for a laugh.

Red Riding Hood new image

Beware the legend when Red Riding Hood attacks theaters in the U.S. on March 11th, 2011.

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