Red Hood: The FAN Series Raising Money For Season 2 On Kickstarter

The creators of the cult-favorite web-series, Red Hood: The FAN Series, have started a Kickstarter campaign for a second season based on the equally cult-favorite anti-hero. Created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, Jason Todd first debuted in 1983. Taking over from Dick Grayson, the character served as the second incarnation of Robin. His tenure was short-lived, however. Murdered in brutal fashion by The Joker, Jason Todd represented Bruce Wayne's greatest failure as a crime fighter.

In 2005, it was revealed that Jason had been brought back to life using the powerful healing waters of the Lazarus Pit. However, a change had taken hold, and he went on to use the mantle of Red Hood to wage a brutal war on crime. Serving as both an adversary and dark mirror to Batman, the Red Hood character is unafraid of using lethal force and outright killing the criminals he faces. Since then, the character has been adapted in various animated series, including, most recently, a teased appearance in DC's Young Justice. The closest fans came to a definitive live-action portrayal, however, was Curran Walters' guest-appearances on Titans and the image of Jensen Ackles (who voiced the character) in costume.

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Released in 2018, a fan-made web-series was released that went some way towards giving fans what they had been craving. Debuting on Youtube, Red Hood: The FAN Series starred Ian Lang as the eponymous antihero. Lang also wrote, produced, and directed the series. Despite its admittedly low-budget, the four-part mini-series boasted solid combat scenes and humor, as well as successfully capturing what fans adore about the character. Garnering nearly half a million views, the show succeeded in finding a passionate fan-base. As a result, the creators have opened a campaign on Kickstarter, in order to secure funds for a follow-up season.

Where season 1 featured Red Hood forming an uneasy alliance with Bat-Brothers, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, in order to foil The Court of Owls, the second will see Jason Todd having to fight alone. Having been propelled into the multiverse by an evil doppelganger, Jason will have to battle his way through numerous alternate dimensions in order to rescue a captured Damian, save an injured Tim, and ultimately win the day. The project is well over halfway towards meeting its goal, with only a week left to do it.

There's no telling which of Batman's infamous rogue's gallery Jason Todd will meet along the way. Don't expect the Caped Crusader himself to make an appearance, however. Having previously been declared as missing in action, the series is very much The Red Hood's show. Fans of the character will assuredly welcome that news, having longed to see him realized on screen for over a decade. And, for those yet to discover the show, or even become familiar with the character, this could be a good chance to fill a certain void. With Ben Affleck officially not returning as Batman and Matt Reeves' film, The Batman, still very much in the early stages of production, Red Hood: The FAN Series will no doubt serve as yet another good way for fans to dive into previously unexplored avenues of Gotham City and tide themselves over in the meantime.  Provided it manages to achieve its goal, that is.

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