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Red Dead Redemption 2's full map leaks online. The sequel to highly-successful Red Dead Redemption from 2010 has been a long time coming. After a long two-year wait following Rockstar Games' official announcement in 2016, the title is just several days away from finally releasing. However, those who can no longer contain their excitement over the new game can already take a look at the follow up's entire map after its sudden emergence.

A prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption, the game is set in 1899 and will focus on outlaw Arthur Morgan - Dutch Van der Linde gang member, while he evades both federal agents and bounty hunters. John Marston will still appear although he won't be a playable character. In an effort to hype up Red Dead Redemption 2's arrival, Rockstar Games released its launch trailer last week as well as the date confirmation regarding lifting review embargos.

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Courtesy of Reddit user with the handle Mco_yum_yum comes Red Dead Redemption 2's full map. The leak, apparently, comes from the official game guide. A clearer version with more details also emerged shortly after from the same original source. In the meantime, check out the entirety of the map by clicking below:

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While most locations are labeled in German, there are several interesting details that can be found on the map. First, Tumbleweed - a ghost town from the first Red Dead Redemption game - can be seen, which means that chances are, gamers can see the area before it was deserted. Perhaps the reason why it's abandoned even gets revealed. Another familiar area, Blackwater, is also included in the layout which means the sprawling location will get another chance on the spotlight thanks to the sequel title. Meanwhile, Macfarlane's Ranch's inclusion poses the possibility that gamers might encounter a young Bonnie McFarlane. Regardless whether or not she'll have a significant part to play in the whole gameplay, gamers will definitely appreciate seeing her again considering that she's a fan-favorite. Other previously seen locations such as Armadillo, Fort Mercer, Thieves' Landing, and Tall Trees are all tipped to make an appearance.

Of course, Red Dead Redemption 2 cannot simply rely on players' penchant for its predecessor as it also has to offer something new for both old-time and new gamers which is why new territories can also be seen on the map. Located at the upper right portion of the layout is noticeably a huge chunk of a never-before-explored area. Not much is known regarding that part of the map, but there's a good chance that it'll factor in the title's gameplay.

Admittedly, PR for Red Dead Redemption 2 at this point isn't as ideal as Rockstar Games would want it to be. Earlier this month, news broke out that developers for the title were forced to work 100 hours for weeks. Since then, the company has already released a statement to address the issue. It's curious if this will have any effect on sales for the title granted that pre-orders have long been locked down before this controversy was made public. Nonetheless, fans seem to be nothing but thrilled about the game after learning about it thanks to the recent map leak.

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