Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats: Unlimited Money Glitches

Anyone that's played much of Red Dead Redemption 2 is well aware that the camp needs money. Dutch and anyone running errands for him will remind any eager cowboys to contribute to the camp as often as humanly possible, and usually that’s exactly what they require Arthur Morgan’s help to do. But what if there were an easier way (or ways) to go about making some moolah? We here at Screen Rant have a few in mind.

Rockstar Games’ Western sequel actually features a number of exploits that can be used to provide Dutch’s camp with the funds necessary to keep everyone happy, healthy, and one step ahead of the law. Sure, these methods of building up a small fortune don't stay within the intended boundaries of Red Dead Redemption 2 itself, but the irony of finding them in a game that's about outlaws constantly stepping over the law isn't lost on us.

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Screen Rant has previously covered Red Dead Redemption 2's gold bar duplication glitch, which still stands as one of the best ways to go about obtaining obscene wealth. Having said that the following four methods of securing quick cash certainly don't hurt either:

The Amarino Statue Puzzle And Gold Bar Saving Exploit

Red Dead Redemption 2 is loaded with bizarre locales and mission (like the tale of Marko Dragic), but few are as puzzling as a cave found just South of Amerino. Within this cave are several statues that feature switches, and, if pushed in the correct order, they'll unveil the gold bars necessary to glitch into a massive payday. Players just have to interact with the statue before proceeding to engage with the remaining statues in a clockwise direction – opting to interact with the first, skipping the second, and then hitting the next two. Doing so will reveal a chest in the middle of the room containing three gold bars.

Players will then want to disable auto-save in their game. While they are in the process of picking up the final of the three golden bars, they should pause the game, save in a new game slot, and then proceed to load that game. If done correctly, all three gold bars (worth $500 apiece) will be back in the chest and the three that were picked up will be in Arthur Morgan's possession. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

The Mattock Pond's Infinite Cash Glitch

This trick is actually pretty easy, as players only need to mosey on over to Mattock's Pond where a tree can be found with a lock box in it. The lockbox only contains $20 in cash, but anyone committed enough can turn that measly sum into something a lot more substantial. Once the tree has been located, turn off Red Dead Redemption 2's auto-save feature, pick up the cash, create a new save file, load it, and continue to do so until the camp finds itself with the appropriate amount of money to live happily ever after.

The Unlimited Pelt Duplication Glitch

Pelts are worth quite a bit of cash for any eager hunters, and the finer the condition of the pelt the more cash can be earned. So, naturally, there's a way to duplicate the money-making furs, but this particular glitch doesn't involve any save data manipulation in order for players to reap the rewards. All players need is a valuable pelt (preferably one from one of Red Dead Redemption 2's Legendary Animals), the Horse Station camp upgrade, and two horses saved to the aforementioned enhanced station.

Now, word is that the first time anyone attempts this trick they will fail, as the glitch only kicks in the second time around. Having said that, aspiring traders can kickstart the entire process by placing the valuable skins on one of their stationed horses, requesting the other stored steed, moving it several feet away, and then watching in amazement as the horse disappears and the pelt remains floating in mid-air. Pick up that pelt, drop it on the ground, summon the horse back, and the original pelt should still be there.

Just take them to the appropriate parties and outpost,  and just like that, you'll become a pelt trader wealthier than any oil baron.

When All Else Fails, Enter a Cheat Code

Sometimes cutting to the chase is just the best option. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 has cheat codes, it's clear that this is the easiest way for players to beat the system – plus it's an official feature included by Rockstar Games. Just open up the pause menu, smack the Triangle or Y button on the controller (depending on the console), and entering the text "greed is now a virtue."

Every time this is entered, Arthur will get $500 added to his wallet. Of course, achievements and trophies get disabled when this happens, but sometimes the short-term shenanigans outweigh those fictional badges.

Note: Here's a complete list of all the cheat codes in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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