20 Hidden Things Casual Fans Still Haven't Found In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 White Arabian Horse

The more we play Red Dead Redemption 2, the more we realize just how deep this game is. Believe it or not, people are still finding all sorts of things hidden in this game, even months after its release. Sure, there are all kinds of hidden characters, missions, and unique encounters you can experience, but some of the best  tidbits are actually the hidden items found in the game. These are hats, weapons, and other unique goodies that you can find scattered across the world.

However, these items are definitely not easy to find as only the best explorers can uncover all of these items. Is there really any point to look for these items? Honestly, some of the hats and other cosmetic items don't really do anything for you, but they definitely look cool! And we all know that looking cool is one of the most important things when playing any game. Some of the items really are useful, though. Yes, we're talking about the hidden weapons in the game, which can be amazing weapons to have in your arsenal. Having just one or two of these weapons in your saddlebags can make a huge difference. Whether you're hunting or fending off massive gangs of lawmen, it always helps to have a seriously powerful selection up your sleeve. You won't be able to find these things at the general store or at the Blacksmith, instead, you'll have to actually work to earn them. Let's take a look at 20 Hidden Things Casual Fans Still Haven't Found In Red Dead Redemption 2.

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20 The Cat Skull Mask

Hats are probably some of the coolest hidden items in Red Dead Redemption 2, but when it comes to hats, not all are created equal. There is one in particular that already has a legendary reputation among veteran players of this game, and that's the Cat Skull Mask. It looks seriously awesome when you put this on, and it adds a real intimidation factor as you ride through the hills, wreaking havoc on the innocent townsfolk.

This hat is located in the Lagras Swamp, and it'll take a lot of dedicated searching before you can find this amazing little mask. Masks actually do have a purpose as wearing them while you commit crimes will make it easier to escape. So, why not choose the Cat Skull Mask?

19 Jawbone Knife

Hunting is a huge part of Red Dead Redemption 2, and some players have already sunk tons of hours into tracking and taking down large animals. Yes, you can earn some good money by selling pelts and meats to local vendors, but at its core, hunting is just a really fun side game, and that's what keeps players coming back.

Veteran hunters know that there are certain weapons that are much better suited to hunting. Among those is the Jawbone Knife, which many hunters choose above other blades. You win this weapon by completing all the missions for Deborah McGuinness, who is a lady searching for dinosaur bones. This collection of missions is known as “A Test Of Faith.”

18 Viking Hatchet

History buffs already know that Vikings have an interesting history in North America. In case you don't know, Vikings were actually the first Europeans to set foot on U.S. soil – long before Columbus – and the developers of Red Dead Redemption 2 jumped at the opportunity to include references to these Norse warriors in their game.

One of the best weapons in the game is actually the Viking Hatchet, which is pretty well-hidden. It features beautiful Norse engravings and leather details. You can find it in Roanoke Valley in New Hanover. The best part about this weapon is that it can also be thrown, which makes it dangerous at any range.

17 Pig Mask

If you really want to look like a formidable foe, then there's no better option than the Pig Mask. This is one of several unique masks in Red Dead Redemption 2, and you can't buy this one at a store. Instead, you have to find it yourself, and it's definitely not easy to track down. However, as soon as you put this mask on, you realize that the search was definitely worth it.

You'll find it in the Eastern region of New Hanover, and it'll probably be hanging from a branch on a tree. This is probably one of the most famous masks in the game, and it's well known among veteran players of Red Dead Redemption 2.

16 Broken Pirate Sword

Most people would assume that pirates have no place in a game centered on the Wild West, but the true veterans of Red Dead Redemption 2 know that if you explore enough, you can find evidence of a swashbuckling sailor in the world of this video game. To be fair, it's definitely one of the most famous hidden items in this entire game, but that doesn't mean it's not hard to find.

It's located in the swamp lands surrounding Saint Denis, and determined players should be able to find it without too many problems. Despite the fact that it's “broken,” this pirate sword is actually an amazing melee weapon. It's got a surprisingly long range, which means that you'll love using it in combat.

15 Ancient Tomahawk

One of the best parts of Red Read Redemption 2 is the inclusion of many different cultures. The Native population is pretty well-represented, and some are members of Dutch's gang. And of course, the Natives are no stranger to warfare. As such, they created all kinds of unique weapons, and one of these makes an appearance in Red Dead Redemption 2.

This is of course the Ancient Tomahawk, which can be found lodged in a wooden target located in the Grizzlies. It's actually a really good melee weapon, so you should definitely pick it up if you happen to be riding through Calumet Ravine. Despite the fact that it's ancient, the Tomahawk is in great condition when you find it.

14 Rare Shotgun

A shotgun is always a safe bet for any cowboy wandering the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. In many ways, this gun is the “jack of all trades” of the Wild West. It can handle pretty much any challenger, whether it's a vicious bear or a dangerous gunslinger. In Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems like shotguns are handled just right. They're quite powerful, although they do have their limitations, and veterans of the game know that shotguns can do some serious damage.

But, if you really want to blow your enemies away, then you need to find the Rare Shotgun. Despite the name, this shotgun isn't as rare as some of the other weapons in this quiz. In fact, you can find it in a few different places.

13 Midnight's Pistol

Some of the very best hidden items found in Red Dead Redemption 2's sprawling world are weapons. Why? Because you can actually use them, and they make you a more effective cowboy. When it comes to adding pistols to your arsenal, a Mauser is a great option, but when you find Midnight's Pistol, you'll get access to a weapon that is even more impressive than the normal Mauser.

This beautiful firearm features a gold-plated finish, as well as some interesting engravings. If you look closely, you'll see a bearded man of the forest. The pistol is carried by the famous Billy Midnight, until you manage to beat him in a duel, that is. After he's down, the gun is yours for the taking.

12 Stone Hatchet

You won't actually be able to find the Stone Hatchet anywhere in the game world of Red Dead Redemption 2. In fact, to get access to this weapon, you'll have to complete one of the most unique challenges. Funnily enough, you'll have to actually complete challenges within GTA Online to win the Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2.

First of all, you have to unlock the Stone Hatchet in GTA Online by doing Bounty quests. Once you've got it your hands, you need to register 25 defeats with this brutal weapon. Once you've done that, it should appear in your Red Dead Redemption 2 save file. Now that's an awesome challenge!

11 Meteorite

The meteorite is one of the coolest parts of the entire game. Aside from being just a simple rock in the middle of the Wild West, this rock has a real story behind it. In fact, you can find one meteorite in the middle of a house. This space rock has obviously smashed through the entire residence, leaving a massive crater in the middle of it.

It's a surprising scene, and no one in the house actually survived. But, dive down into that crater, and you can take some of that meteor rock for yourself. You can either keep this rare mineral, or sell it to a vendor for a high price. The choice is yours.

10 Civil War Hat

There are some hats out there that just seem to look really cool. Among those is the Civil War hat, and this is one of the rarest hats in the entire game. It's the typical navy blue, with a gold insignia that really shines and stands out. If that wasn't enough, the hat is also complete with a beautiful red band and ribbon, and a flagrant feather off to the side.

But, where can you find this amazing hat? Like the Civil War knife, this unique item is found in Fort Brennand, which is located west of Van Horn. Search through a few cabins, and you're sure to find this old hat lying around somewhere.

9 Tricorn Hat

The Tricorn hat might not look like much, but it's actually one of the hardest items to find in the game. It's extremely well-hidden, and this hat is only awarded to those who are expert explorers and scavengers. The Tricorn Hat is obviously another reference to ancient pirates being washed up on the shores of the old west, and this hat is also found in a defeated pirate ship.

To find this item, you actually need to find your own boat as swimming to the ship just isn't an option. This in itself can be pretty hard, although you can actually find one at your own camp. All you need to do is upgrade it to a certain level.

8 Rare Rolling Block Rifle

Sniper Rifles might seem like relatively modern firearms, but the truth of the matter is that they've been around for quite some time. All the way back during the time of the Wild West, cowboys were registering head shots from long distances, with the help of high-powered rifles. Of course, you could choose the regular, standard Rolling Block Rifle in Red Dead Redemption 2, but for those who really want to up their sniping game, the Rare Rolling Block Rifle is pretty much mandatory.

This weapon is unlocked during the “Magicians For Sport” story mission. When the dust settles, one baddie will be carrying it on his body, so make sure to search all those downed enemies.

7 Civil War Knife

While there are some wild and crazy additions to Red Dead Redemption 2, the majority of the game stays very well-grounded to historical fact. There are mentions and references to all kinds of major world events, and the memories of the Civil War are still fresh for many of Red Dead Redemption 2's residents. You can find roaming gangs of ex-confederate soldiers in the south of the map, and you'll also find relics from the war itself.

One of the most interesting of these is the Civil War Knife. This rusty implement of war is still quite useful in the right hands, and you can find it in Fort Brennand.

6 Flaco's Revolver

Flaco's Revolver is another great weapon you can find out in the wild, although it'll definitely be well hidden. This is a weapon that features elaborate engravings, including an awesome skull motif that you won't find anywhere else in the game. Veterans of Red Dead Redemption 2 will notice that this is in fact a Cattleman Revolver, although it's got some interesting enhancements over the “standard” pistol you would find at the blacksmith. It's also got a pretty slick ivory handle.

You'll find this weapon on the body of Flaco Hernandez, although you'll have to defeat him in a duel before you can get your hands on this amazing revolver. You'll find him at Cairn Lake, assuming you have the stones to challenge him...

5 Homing Tomahawk

Honestly, this is probably one of the least rare items in the entire game. That's because this weapon isn't actually a unique weapon, and it's not exactly hidden anywhere. However, even veterans of Red Dead Redemption 2 might not know how to actually get the Homing Tomahawk, but the solution is actually pretty simple.

All you need to do is find an Owl's feather and actually fit the Tomahawk with it. This will massively increase the accuracy of the Tomahawk. Veterans know that the Homing Tomahawk is one of the best weapons to use for hunting. Of course, you'll also have to find the Homing Tomahawk recipe in the game world.

4 Algernon's Revolver

It pays to find the best weapons in Read Dead Redemption 2, and when it comes to revolvers, it's hard to beat Algernon's Revolver. As soon as you lay eyes on this unique firearm, it's clear that this is a special gun. The gold engravings are spectacular, as is the carved grip. But, what really sets this gun apart from the rest is its insanely high fire rate. It only takes a few seconds to snap off a flurry of shots with Algernon's Revolver.

If you complete all the tasks in the “Dutchesses and Other Animals” challenge, you should be awarded with this fine pistol. It's named after Algernon Wasp, who is the “Quest Giver” with this particular challenge.

3 Nevada Hat

Truth be told, there's nothing too spectacular about the Nevada Hat. At first glance, it seems just like a regular cowboy hat, albeit a stylish one. But, the true Red Dead Redemption 2 veterans know that among all hats in the game, the Nevada Hat is actually one of the rarest. Wearing one let's players have bragging rights over those who haven't explored the game world as much.

So, where can you find this interesting hat? Head to Widow's Rock, and you'll find the hat sitting nearby. The fact that there's a mysterious note left by the hat is an added bonus. It's just another hat, but it's got quite the reputation among veteran players.

2 Viking Helmet

The Hatchet isn't the only Viking Relic you'll find in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. If you're a good enough explorer, you'll also find a Viking Helmet that looks totally awesome. Funnily enough, the helmet is located in the exact same spot as the hatchet, so if you find one, you'll be able to find the other.

Some might think that this helmet looks a little silly and out of place in the Wild West, but others might think it's a great piece of attire. The helmet itself doesn't actually provide any benefits, so don't expect bullets to magically bounce off it or anything. At the end of the day, it's just a great reward for being an amazing explorer!

1 The Skull Cap

This is probably one of the weirdest hats out there. But, we all know that gamers love wearing the strangest hats and clothing in any video game. Fans love this one, although it's probably one of the most well-hidden items in the entire game. Like we said, Red Dead Redemption  doesn't fail to mention virtually every single culture present in the Wild West, and the Chinese were definitely a big part of this history.

The hat can be found slightly north of Armadillo. There's a small camp up that way with a body lying around. You'll find the Skull cap here, but you'll also find an interesting note. We won't spoil it, but there's a pretty awesome story behind this hat.


What other items have you found while playing RDR2? Let us know in the comments below!

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