Red Dead Redemption 2 Theory: Secret Map Area is For Online Play & DLC

Anyone playing Red Dead Redemption 2 may be a little confused by the inclusion of the Red Dead Redemption map from 2010, but a new theory suggests that it could hint at the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 Online or a possible DLC. While players are still left in the dark about the sprawling map, there are hints that Rockstar Games has something big up its sleeve.

With Red Dead Redemption 2 set before the events of Red Dead Redemption and following the early days of the Dutch van der Linde gang, the latest addition to the Wild West franchise was always going to tie to its predecessor. Before Red Dead Redemption 2 even drew its pistols, there were rumors that the entire Red Dead Redemption map would feature in the game. Although Red Dead Redemption 2 fusing itself with Red Dead Redemption isn't official just yet, let's look at what the map could mean.

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Paul Tassi from Forbes went on his own extensive quest to try and uncover Red Dead Redemption in the prequel. Tassi decided that after he'd finished Red Dead Redemption II's sprawling main story and the side quests, he'd explore the land beyond Blackwater. Finding that both the New Elizabeth and New Austin territories from Red Dead Redemption can be explored in the game, he also noted that they were strangely empty.

Red Dead Redemption Map in Red Dead Redemption II

Tassi said that the only real quest to uncover in the Red Dead Redemption map was a story about the plagued town of Armadillo that was eventually abandoned by its own sheriff. It makes sense that Rockstar has plans for this land, while an abandoned territory could be perfect for Red Dead Redemption II's rumored addition of a battle royale mode.

Elsewhere, a stark New Elizabeth and New Austin might be Rockstar's jumping off point for Red Dead Redemption II Online. There may only be a few shacks and the legendary animal out there on the dusty plains at the moment, but Red Dead Redemption II Online could slowly start to populate these territories and expand the landscape to help tie into the start of Red Dead Redemption.

Tassi also revealed that he couldn't reach the Mexican side of the river and visit the Nuevo Paraíso territory from Red Dead Redemption. This area remains equally mysterious but could be primed for one of Red Dead Redemption II's promised DLCs. The final idea is that the Red Dead Redemption map is lying in wait for the rumored PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2. Considering none of Rockstar's three Red Dead games have ever been given a PC port, developers could kill two birds with one stone and allow the computer crowd to play two of the titles at once.

Considering Rockstar went into such detail crafting every rock, snowflake, and bandit in Red Dead Redemption II, it seems strange that developers would leave such a vast area relatively untouched. Thankfully, there is enough open space out there for Rockstar to run wild with its own imagination. Although there is still plenty to do in Red Dead Redemption II after completing the 60-70 hours of Arthur Morgan's story, players are sat twiddling their revolvers for the next big announcement of Red Dead Redemption II Online and to see what Rockstar is really up to.

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Source: Forbes

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