Red Dead Redemption 2: All 10 Rock Carving Locations & Guide

red dead redemption 2 rock carving locations guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of different side quests available in its sprawling open world, and players would be forgiven if they missed a few, such as the Rock Carving locations. They don't immediately reward players with bonuses like many of the other search-based side quests, like those involving dreamcatchers or dinosaur bones, but it's still very much worth completing.

That's because the Rock Carving search quest has a big, juicy bonus nestled at the end of the journey - the Old Brass Compass, a crafting ingredient that will let players create the Raven Claw Talisman. The Raven Claw Talisman slows weapon degradation by a whopping 20%, meaning it is a valuable tool throughout the game and one that continues to become better the longer a player progresses through Red Dead Redemption 2.

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For that reason, it's well worth embarking on this quest chain, which begins with the Stranger side quest. Speak to Francis Sinclair, a man quietly living in his house that's a little northwest of Strawberry in West Elizabeth. Talking to Sinclair gives players the Geology for Beginners quest, which tasks Arthur Morgan with uncovering Red Dead Redemption 2's Rock Carving locations and then mailing directions to Sinclair via the good old fashioned post office.

All Red Dead Redemption 2 Rock Carving Locations

red dead redemption 2 old brass compass
  • Carving 1: To the northwest of Annesburg and to the west of the "N" in the Roanoke Ridge on the map. This carving is located just over the edge of the cliff as players approach it from the east, and will require Morgan to drop down a few times to register it.
  • Carving 2: Northeastern shore of the Elysian Pool. Head north across a bridge that spans the east part of the Pool and the carving will be on Morgan's right.
  • Carving 3: North of the Heartland Overflow there's a mountain. Go south from the second "N" in Moonstone on the map and the carving will be on the south side of the mountain, facing north.
  • Carving 4: West of Bacchus Station, the carving is on the north side of the tallest hill just before the river.
  • Carving 5: South of Window Rock on the opposite side of the river, northwest of the Cumberland marking on the map. The carving is located off the edge of the cliff and at the top of the mountain that feeds into the river below.
  • Carving 6: North of Window Rock. Take the trail that cuts through Whinyard on the map, and the carving is located where the "H" in Whinyard is, again looking at the map for reference.
  • Carving 7: South of Horseshoe Overlook, which is where the first camp Morgan makes in Chapter 2 of the story is. Head south to find another ruined settlement, with the carving just a bit further southwest than this, up on a ridge near Flatneck Station.
  • Carving 8: Near the top of Mount Hagen. The carving is to the south of the "M" in Mount on the map, just before the end of the trail that goes to the mountain's peak.
  • Carving 9: Southeast of Mount Shann, just to the right of where the "T" in West Elizabeth is located on the map.
  • Carving 10: On the southwest bank of Owanjila. The carving is southwest of that bank, right where the "O" is printed on the game map.

There's all 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 Rock Carving locations. They're not the hardest collectible to find in the game, but they certainly require keeping an eye out. When the Red Dead Redemption 2 open world is brimming with things trying to kill you - including invisible fire on haunted roads, it seems - why not take a load off and use a guide to save a bit of trouble for Arthur Morgan and the gang?

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