25 Hidden Things Only Pros Knew About Red Dead Redemption 2

Open world games are more plentiful than they have been in previous years. With the advancements in technology, it has become easier to design and render these sandboxes more efficiently, making sure fans of the genre are never starving for large, explorable environments. One company that continually innovates on the formula is Rockstar Games, who brought the medium to a whole new level in 2001 with GTA III. Every game they release accesses a new frontier in video game technology, story telling, and game play. Their most recent title, Red Dead Redemption II, is no exception to this, presenting players with a gargantuan, impeccably detailed world.

A setting as large as Red Dead Redemption II's is sure to harbor plenty of secrets. For this list, we will present twenty five hidden things in the game only experts were able to find. Let it be noted that this is barely even the tip of the iceberg, as there are almost countless concealed goodies in this fictional region of the United States. Heck, there are probably still events no one has yet to find, so it is best to always keep one's eyes peeled when Arthur is traversing the wild and dangerous wilderness.

So get ready to some trains, because here are  25 Hidden Things Only Pros Knew About Red Dead Redemption 2

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RDR2 Ghost train
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25 Ghost Train

RDR2 Ghost train

Cat Stevens asks people to ride the Peace Train, but Red Dead Redemption 2 challenges players to find a ghost train. This mysterious Easter egg may be a reference a to Final Fantasy VI, or just a fun supernatural bonus. To find it, head to a specific spot in Lemoyne, around Scarlett Meadows, and wait until three in the morning. With a little luck, the phantom locomotive will materialize. Arthur may not have believed in ghost stories before this, but seeing this with his own to eyes must make him a believer.

24 Gorilla In A Box

Gorilla In a Box Red Dead Redemption 2

Most animals Arthur comes across are alive and well, or at least they are until he puts an arrow through them and collects their pelts. This particular find is either a replica or a taxidermy job. In West Elizabeth's Big Valley, one can find a broken wooden crate. Inside the crate is a gorilla suspended in an intimidating pose. Thankfully, the animal is completely lifeless, otherwise the ensuing fight would harrowing, to say the least. there is nothing to do with the animal other than be thankful it isn't alive and chasing Arthur.

23 Giant Snake

RDR 2 giant dead snake

Send Indiana Jones out of the room for this one, because it is about to get slithery. Snakes are abundant in the world, but few of them pose significant danger, save for startling a horse here and there. There is a massive one hanging from a tree in Lemoyne, and while it may be frightening, it poses no threat. Its purpose is unknown, but it may be a subtle nod to the Jungle Book. Referencing a children's story seems odd, but every adult playing RDR2 was a child at one point.

22 Surviving Gang Members

Fortunately, not every gang member bites the dust by the game's conclusion. Some split from the pack moments before everything hits the fan and end up pursuing fulfilling lives. a select few of them can be found in the epilogue if one knows where to look. We won't say exactly who can be found, but hang out in Saint Denis, the general store in Rhodes, and the Valentine train station  and the player will see a few of them for sure. The protagonist will have a brief exchange with each of them too.

21 Hunting With A Lasso And A Knife

Red Dead Redemption 2 lasso

Every player has been in this scenario; low on ammo and surrounded by wildlife and big game. While many may immediately give up any notion of hunting the large animals, there is a way to take them down without firing a bullet. All one needs in order to do this is whip out their lasso and a knife. After lassoing in a hefty beast close enough, Arthur can then finish it off with a blade. It's not as graceful as a bow or a bullet, but it gets the job done.

20 Stash Of Steamy Photos

RDR2 Location of Steamy Photos

Given the social stigma and the rarity of finding it, people in the Old West would do anything for a little titillation. Afterwards, they would do just as much to hide the evidence. This is probably why there is a trunk filled with erotic photos stashed away in a cave in the north area of New Austin. The player can look at the photos once they have been collected if they so choose. Hopefully, whoever hid the pictures does not get too mad upon discovering they have just been pilfered.

19 Crashed Prototype Plane

Crashed Flying machine RDR

One of the more amusing side quests from Red Dead Redemption involved helping a scientist finish gliding machine. After helping him out, he tests his experimental contraption to hilariously fatal results. In the prequel, one can happen upon a crashed flying machine in the middle of the wilderness. Head North of the "W" in West Elizabeth to find the failed test run and Arthur will jot it down in his detailed journal. The brave souls who gave their life in service of scientific advancement should be commended for their sacrifice.

18 Meditating Monk

Red Dead Redemption 2 Meditating Monk

The Wild West was a brutally violent place, but some still found a way to find peace in this setting. For evidence of this, just look for the monk who is quietly meditating while everybody else is stealing, maiming, and up to no good. In the grizzlies, under the letter "R" on the map, the silent man will be minding his own business, seeking enlightenment, and ignoring Arthur's comments. Players can toy around with him if they wish, but it is better to leave him in peace since he isn't doing anyone harm.

17 Going To Mexico

Unlike the first entry, RDR2 does not feature a detour into Mexico, though none were crying at its absence. The country is visible on the map, but few realize that, with a little ingenuity, the area can be accessed and fully explored. With a little help from a steed, one can cross the river and jaunt around the United States' southern neighbor. There is nothing to do, but the fact it is there at all makes one wonder if they planned to include it or if it will be in a future DLC.

16 Looting The Gunslingers

Red Dead Redemption 2_20181025072034

One of the lengthier side quests is called "The Nobelest of Men and Women" and involves Arthur taking pictures of famous gunslingers. Most of them are hostile to the protagonist, and he ends up having to gun them down. Before leaving the scene of the crime, however, be sure to loot their bodies and take their pistols. They all carry unique firearms that cannot be obtained any other way. It would be a shame to have these impressive pistols go to waste, especially after their respective owners were just wasted.

15 Hobbit House

While the game deals with intensely adult themes like revenge, loyalty, and redemption, the world itself isn't afraid to show off a bit of whimsy. Case in point, the house that resembles a Hobbit's dwelling from Lord of the Rings. This Easter egg can be found just southwest of Donner Falls, underneath the "I" in "Ambarino" on the map. Unfortunately, the door is locked, so the inside is impossible to see. We also feel like it was a missed opportunity to include Leonard Nimoy's hit song, Bilbo Baggins, in the game.

14 The Strange Man

The series' most enigmatic figure is a nameless chap who has been dubbed The Strange Man. He shows up in the first game to haunt John Marston about his past. The seemingly omniscient character doesn't make an appearance in the prequel, but his image can be seen in two different places. In Lemoyne, there is an empty house featuring an unfinished portrait of him. Return periodically to see the painting slowly finish. Another picture of him can also be found in a shop in Armadillo. When asked about it, the shop owner says it was a gift.

13 Mammoth Bones

RDR2 mammoth bones

The wildlife in this game can be more dangerous than humans. Roam around the world long enough, and one is liable to be mauled into a game over by a cougar. Wild beasts used to be more formidable, however, and there is a reminder of this in the world. Go between Spider Gorge and Deadboot Creek to find the bones of a Mammoth. Anybody who thinks bears are enough of a challenge should be thankful the game only takes place one hundred years in the past, and not several thousand.

12 Graves Of Deceased Gang Members

RDR 2 Arthur's Grave

Not everybody makes it through the story in one piece. Given the game's impressive length, strong relationships form with characters before they are sent to the great beyond, making their departure all the more painful. Fortunately, fans can get some closure by visiting the fallen comrades in the epilogue. All of their graves are scattered throughout the map, but usually close to where they were slain. It may not bring them back to life, but it will help bring closure to the protagonist. If the player does want to revive them, simply start a new game.

11 The Cauldron

RDR 2 witches caldron

Witches and American folklore go hand and hand. When European colonizers were setting up their first towns in the new world, being accused of witchcraft could cost one their life. Red Dead Redemption 2 honors the country's connection with sorcery with this small Easter egg. Right above the "N" in Ambarino on the map is a small living space decorated with candles, animal bones, and a cauldron. No actual witches are present, but Arthur can take a swig of whatever they were cooking. If he does so, he passes out and wakes up several hours later.

10 Mutilated Bodies

RDR2 Serial Killer

This one is not for the faint of heart. In Lemoyne and New Hanover there are various places where a poor soul's life was taken. As if that wasn't enough, the bodies were then mangled in horrifying ways to create viciously disgusting displays. If these exhibits disgust the player enough, they can seek out justice and track down the perpetrator. The maniac won't come in without a fight, and Arthur will ultimately be forced to take him out. It may not bring back his previous victims, but it will prevent future ones.

9 The Letter To Bonnie

Bonnie MacFarlane's Husband

Fans of the first game will fondly remember Bonnie MacFarlane. They will also recall how she had a husband of whom she rarely spoke. It's assumed that he met a tragic end, but a small discovery will shine more light on the matter. There is a canoe with a lifeless body beside it at one of several shores. Loot the body to find to have it spring back to life for one last moment to utter final words. On his person is a letter to none other than Bonnie MacFarlane.

8 The Rare Shotgun

Rare Shotgun Red Dead Redemption 2

The rarest of weapons can often be in the most innocuous locations. As the name implies, the Rare Shotgun is one of a kind, and the person in possession of it has no name, only being referred to as Hermit. Head north of Annesburg to find his cottage, but do not expect him to be welcoming. If his threats are ignored, he will open fire. Players who put him down first can take his powerful weapon all for themselves, seeing as he now has little use for it in heaven.

7 Night Folk

If the player never encounters Night Folk on their journey, they can consider themselves lucky. This group is found in the bayou area of Lemoyne, and generally only at night. They seem to have lost any semblance of humanity, and have a take no prisoners attitude. Should Arthur ever come across the homely folk, either let the bullets fly or run, because there is no reasoning with them. After the first encounter, a stranger mission becomes available that involves helping an old man get his house back from the Night Folk.

6 Algernon's Revolver

Algernon's Revolver RDR2

As far as we know, this unique revolver has no relation to the devastatingly tragic science fiction story from the 1950's (a reference that probably just made most readers tear up just now). Instead, the name comes from the man who gifts it to the player, Algernon Wasp. He provides the quest "Duchesses and other Animals", a lengthy scavenger hunt for plants and other materials. Determined players who collect everything for the fashion designer will receive Algernon's Revolver in return. Those who want it better get ready for a lot of tedious collecting.

5 Face In The Side Of A Cliff

RDR2 Face in the side of a cliff

One of the United States' most obnoxious landmarks is Mt. Rushmore. The four faces carved into the side of the mountain only become more unsightly when one learns of the dubious nature of its creation. Like most things in domestic American history, it involved betraying indigenous tribes. As a possible reference to the monument, it is possible for the player to encounter a stone carving of a face in progress. Upon further investigation, one will find the artist's limp body along with a letter explaining why he took his life.

4 Taxidermy Experiments

RDR2 Taxidermy House

Has anybody ever wondered what certain animals would look like with different animal parts swapped out? Well, wonder no more! Head west of the Van Horn Trading Outpost to find a seemingly abandoned house. Inside the house is a large array of freaky taxidermy projects. The first one to immediately catch the eye is a pig, bear, and eagle hybrid. After that initial shock, closer inspection reveals more disturbing mixing and matching. Fortunately, no humans appear to have been test subjects, but Arthur should probably leave before the creator returns home and gets some ideas.

3 Things To Do And See In New Austin

Red Dead Redemption 2's map is so large, the main campaign does not even take the player to it's every corner. Adventurous souls will realize they can journey further out west into New Austin, an area with which fans of the first game will be familiar. In the region are random events, new wildlife, and also a couple of bounty missions. It's good to see extra content that is optional, but it would have been better to see more done with the environment. At least it gets plenty of love in Red Dead Online, though.

2 Aberdeen Pig Farm

There are a slew of colorful characters to happen upon in the world. Some are friendly, others are hostile, but most put on a kind face until they see the opportunity to stab Arthur in the back. The couple on the Aberdeen Pig Farm invite Morgan in for supper and a drink, only to poison him shortly after. After waking up in a mass grave, players can seek bullet filled retribution. Astute listeners will also notice that the two thieves are siblings, raising all kinds of disturbing implications about their relationship.

1 Rare Rolling Block Rifle

Rare Rolling Block Rifle

Some unique weapons are found on NPC's who are anything but one of a kind. The Rare Rolling Block Rifle, for instance, can only be found on one person throughout the entire campaign, but no one would be able to say that person's name to save their life. In the mission "Magicians for Sport", Arthur must save Josiah Trelawny after a group of bounty hunters take him. One of the enemies who nabs the Englishman happens to have this prestigious firearm in their possession. Should it be left behind, the weapon will forever be lost.

What are your favorite secrets from Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments!

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