Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Duel Wield Pistols Online

Anyone that's spent a little bit of time in Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode, Red Dead Online, is sure to have come across players using a medley of weapons, including dual wielding pistols. As it turns out, death by griefing in Red Dead Online is the quickest way to get a closeup of the weapons others have at their disposal, but one of the armaments that players may have come across are dual pistols. Equipping two revolvers at the same time in Red Dead Online isn't as simple as it may seem.

Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2's campaign where players will naturally earn the ability to dual wield pistols, players will have to seek out and purchase an item known as an Off-Hand Holster. This will allow Red Dead Online players to store an additional revolver on their side and draw it at their leisure, but there is one major prerequisite and quite a few options to choose from for eager cowpokes trying to get the jump on their competition.

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First and foremost, Red Dead Online players will need to have reached level 25 in order to gain access to this option. Now, it is possible to level up quickly in Red Dead Online, but it still requires some grinding on the part of players. Once this has been accomplished, users can head on over to an appropriate shop to secure their new item.

Off-Hand Holsters can be located at the gunsmith in several major cities in Red Dead Online's map: Annesburg, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, and Valentine. Conveniently enough, these locations are marked on the in-game map by a pistol, which seems all too fitting for gamers that are searching out one of these establishments for this very task.

Once cowpokes have entered one of these businesses, they only need to approach the counter, open the catalog, head over to the 'Accessories' section, and browse away. Two of the initial Off-Hand Holsters that players can buy here are the Deadboot Holster (which costs $7.75) and Horsemanship Holster (which clocks in at $8.50), but buying one isn't the cure-all that fans may immediately think its is.

They'll also have to purchase a secondary pistol. The cheapest option is the Cattleman Revolver which costs $50 right out of the gate, but the Double-Action Revolver ($195), Schofield Revolver ($296), Volcanic Pistol ($450), Semi-Automatic Pistol ($895), and Mauser Pistol ($1,000) are also available for anyone eager to spend a little extra dough on a pistol.

With Red Dead Online's economy currently in shambles, it's likely that prices will fluctuate as changes are made to how players can earn and spend their in-game money. With that said, those hoping to buy the best weapons sooner rather than can go on hunting expeditions in Red Dead Online to trade in some pelts and get some quick cash – amongst a number of other things.

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