Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Find The Night Folk

Red Dead Redemption 2 Night Folk Guide

Longtime fans of Red Dead Redemption should be well acquainted with the bizarre lore surrounding the series. Whether that involves John Marston hunting down zombies and taming unicorns in the original game’s Undead Nightmare DLC expansion or saddling up as Arthur Morgan to help a man bring an actual robot to life, there are plenty of bizarre shenanigans afoot in the franchise.

Of course, as briefly touched upon, this is still very much the case in Red Dead Redemption 2, and one of the strangest (and deadly) tales from the Wild West title involves a group of beings known as the Night Folk. These zombie-like people are terrifying in appearance, and despite better judgment, Screen Rant has put together a guide showcasing how players can find this merry band of mutants.

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Anyone brave enough to attempt taking on the Night Folk need only wander North of Saint Denis to a place called Bayou Nwa. Exploring near the water during nighttime between the in-game hours of 10PM and 5AM could lead to one of these sub-human hillbillies showing their face. After Arthur Morgan has dealt with that individual, a new mission will open up shortly after.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Night Folk Map
Walking along the water here at night may lead you to a rogue encounter with some of the Night Folk.

After surviving the encounter with the inhospitable brood, players should head over to an inn or set up camp for the night in order to unlock a new quest that will be marked on the map when they awake. This quest in particular is called A Fine Night for It, and it is dealt out by an older gentlemen present in a nearby camp on the map.

From there it's as easy as following the instructions from the NPC character that is giving them, although players will soon find that perhaps there's never truly a fine night to deal with monstrosities like the Night Folk. A number of players are branding this mission in particular as the scariest in the game, but this The Hills Have Eyes sort of shtick certainly lends itself well to the overarching sci-fi and paranormal objectives and missions that are already tucked away in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Given the creepy nature of this quest line, maybe the focusing on robbing trains and helping out other, more normal residents is a better option for the player's own well being.

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