Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find KKK Clan Locations

Red Dead Redemption 2 KKK Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a wide range of characters, animals, environments, and stories. Of course, this wide array of things helps to create what feels like a more realistic world, and the beauty of it is that you can interact with it in any way that you see fit. There are scary groups like the Night Folk running around RDR2 which add some character to the landscape, but the inclusion of hostile factions doesn't end there. The Ku Klux Klan is present and accounted for as well, and while many gamers couldn’t be blamed for not knowing how to feel – we here at Screen Rant also can’t be blamed for what players choose to do with them.

However, we can tell you where to find the three gathering places of Red Dead Redemption 2’s KKK in case you want to enact your own sort of frontier justice on the group. As an important note for anyone that’s struggling with whether or not confronting these individuals in-game will impact their morality rating: it does not in any way bestow negative karma onto the protagonist Arthur Morgan. If you do decide to attack them and one gets away then it will also raise your wanted level in the region, so keep that in mind before doing anything.

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Now that that has been cleared up, here are the three areas (in chronological order) that Arthur can find the KKK lurking about in Red Dead Redemption 2:

Encounter #1: Just Outside of Rhodes

Red Dead Redemption 2 KKK Location 1

Mark this area just North of Rhodes on your map, and you can begin exploring while it's dark out. Nighttime is the only window gamers will be able to find members of the KKK in the area, and it’ll happen relatively quickly for anyone lucky enough... although perhaps “lucky” isn’t the right word.

Encounter #2: Alongside the Dakota River

Red Dead Redemption 2 KKK Location 2

After completing the first encounter with the hooded group, fans should head on over to the area between the Dakota River and Flatneck Station. Just make sure that it’s either morning time or noon and members should begin showing up.

Encounter #3: South-East of Wallace Station

Red Dead Redemption 2 KKK Location 3

The final encounter with the KKK occurs South-East of Wallace Station, and it can only kickoff during the nighttime. The members appear to be a little unhappy with the lack of attendance, but Arthur Morgan may have had a thing or two to do with that.

Given that Rockstar Games is infamous for the amount of controversy it creates with almost every new title, it’s not shocking to see a group like the Ku Klux Klan appear in Red Dead Redemption 2. As a note, there are actually unique lines of dialogue that Arthur Morgan will rattle off if and when he murders a KKK member.

Even more interesting is that fact that looting the corpses of the deceased members reveals some of their plans to Arthur through notes. Not much can be done with the information, but it does make for another piece of world building for the game.

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