Red Dead Redemption 2 Money Glitch Lets You Duplicate Gold Bars

Red Dead Redemption 2 includes an extremely useful money glitch to duplicate gold bars. This will no doubt come in handy for those players wanting to live in luxury in Rockstar's expansive Western, as let's face it - the good life doesn't come cheap.

All in all, Red Dead Redemption 2 offers up plenty of things for players to do within its massive game world. Whether its tracking down historic gunslingers or taking time to go out hunting, there's plenty of variety to be found within Red Dead Redemption 2, but Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van der Linde gang has one focus: getting a big score. As such, making plenty of cash on the side via a gold bar exploit is the perfect way to make life on the lam that little bit easier.

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Thankfully, this glitch isn't too difficult to pull off. As showcased by YouTuber Raz, in the town of Limpany there is a desk in the Sheriff's Office that contains a gold bar. If a player disables autosaves, then manually saves their game just as Arthur bends down to pick up the gold bar and reloads that same save, it duplicates the gold bar and effectively turns this Red Dead Redemption 2 location into an actual gold mine.  After that, the player can then sell these gold bars, and (if they want to) return to Limpany and use it over again.

There are other methods to make this glitch work as well. Both ShackNews and GameSpot report that picking up the gold bar isn't actually required, with instead standing close enough to be able to pick up the bar being enough to get the glitch working. It is, however, required to hold down the Take button so that Arthur keeps picking up the bars, rather than pressing the once.

Since this is a bug in the game, players should proceed at their own risk. After all, glitches like this have been known to corrupt save files in the past, and Red Dead Redemption 2 may be of no exception on this front. So, virtual outlaws after a quick buck should proceed with caution, although those thinking of checking out this exploit should do so quickly before Rockstar patches it out.

Of course, such glitches won't be for everyone, and some may prefer to get their hands on lots of cash the old-fashioned way. That will no doubt require a little bit of illegal activity here and there, so be sure how to know how to lose a Red Dead Redemption 2 bounty fast to keep momentum going.

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Sources: Raz, GameSpot, ShackNews

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