Red Dead Redemption 2: Who is Gavin and Where Is He?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gavin

Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with all kinds of wonderful Easter eggs and mysteries, but the one that has everyone online talking is the curious case of Gavin. Players may recall stumbling across an NPC by the name of "Gavin's Friend" who wanders about searching for his missing... err friend, Gavin. The British tourist claims that he has been separated from his equally British pal, and is now extremely worried about him – and understandably so, as the Wild West is not a particularly safe place to begin with.

Usually at this point in the game with any other NPC, players are then granted a quest that would involve helping this innocent civilian which could then be used to raise their morality scale. At least, this is how it should occur, but every time Gavin is brought up the playable Arthur Morgan shuts his friend down and claims that he hasn't seen him. Seems simple enough, as players could be excused for thinking that this quest could become relevant once again later on in Red Dead Redemption 2's story. However, spoiler alert, it never does.

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This is where things begin to get a little weird, as nobody has yet to find out if Gavin is even actually in Red Dead Redemption 2 in any form. Heading over to reddit reveals thread upon thread inquiring as to where Gavin is, and no one seems to have an answer. As a result, theories have begun to emerge that the absent Brit may not even exist, is played by another central character, or may even be an animal roaming the country side. Nobody knows.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Gavin is Nigel's Friend

red dead redemption 2 nigel

Eventually, some users became a little impatient and opt to murder Gavin's Friend (later learned to be named Nigel) in cold blood to loot his body. What they found was a note that stated the following (via Gosunoob):

Dear Nigel,

I was so happy to hear from you. I cannot believe it, mate! My two friends – you and Gavin, boys I grew up with, now real rich and successful cowboys in America! That’s incredible news. Well done, mate. Seriously. Well done. I knew you and Gavin would find success over there. I mean, it stands to reason. A Pair of boys from little old Maidenhead, Berkshire, now successful over in America. I might come and join you myself.

Now that you two have done so well. Both of you rich and living in big mansions with servants, and all them cattle. I remember when the height of your ambition was pretending you were a Londoner and seeing if you fooled those Scotch boys we met by the barracks. Funny thing is, Gavin never mentioned none of this in his letter, but he always was a bit of a quiet one and I reckon you wrote after he did. Either way, I am made up for the pair of you. Made up. Cowboys! Millionaires! We miss you, especially your Mum, since your Dad passed on, but she told me she was proud of you. Even Gavin’s Ma was happy. She said her usual piece about not thinking you had it in you, but she smiled and said she knew her boy would see sense or make sense or something eventually. Berkshire forever.

Your pal, Tom.

P.S. I saw that bloke Brian Gold the other day, in the market. He said some real odd things about you, which I said weren’t true. Bet he’s laughing on the other side of his face now...

All this does is bring about more questions about Gavin, and what exactly he was doing so far from home in the first place. Are Nigel and Gavin caught up in a lie? Who is Brian Gold? Were the pair dead the whole time and Arthur Morgan simply found himself chatting with a ghost? As of right now, no one knows. Presumably, Rockstar Games wants it to remain that way for the time being.

Although it should be noted that something about this feels oddly similar to the alien marking that hinted at a jetpack being hidden somewhere in Grand Theft Auto 5. Whatever is going on, hopefully Gavin is found safe and sound sooner rather than later.

As we learn more, we'll share news and updates on Gavin's whereabouts.

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