How To Get The BEST Red Dead Redemption 2 Ending

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Getting the best ending in Red Dead Redemption 2 (out of the game's multiple endings) isn't all too difficult, but it does require choosing between being Honorable (good) and Dishonorable (bad). One of the best things that Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 has going for it is that it acts more like an RPG than the previous installment, which was very much an action-adventure game set in the final days of the American Old West. But the 2018 follow-up takes things in a different direction.

Just like in Red Dead Redemption, this year's Red Dead Redemption 2 brings back the honor system, but it's much more complex and sophisticated than it was in the previous installment - and the honor system only gets players so far into the story, changing little things here and there, before it ultimately presents players with the option of going down a path that leads to one of the game's two endings. And here's how players can get Red Dead Redemption 2's best ending.

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Towards the end of Chapter 6 (of which there are only six story chapters in Red Dead Redemption 2), players are presented with a choice, each of which will lead Arthur Morgan down a different path and, thus, a different ending. In that final mission, without spoiling too much, players will be given the option to either help John Marston escape and return to his family or go after Dutch Van der Linde's money. No matter what decisions players have made throughout the game, this choice will ultimately decide which ending they receive.

Choosing to help John Marston will trigger Red Dead Redemption 2's Honorable and best ending. At this point, Arthur will help John up the cliff, and then take on a group of Pinkertons before eventually fighting Micah. Arthur and Micah's duel results in a draw that ends with Dutch and Micah heading off into the sunset. However, if players choose to go after Dutch's money, they will get the Dishonorable ending. Although it's technically a different ending, the result is ultimately the same: Arthur and Micah fight, but this time in a cave, which also ends in a draw. And, at the end, Dutch and Micah leave Arthur behind.

While players can choose whichever ending they want, Red Dead Redemption 2's Honorable ending is the best ending for the game. It fits with Arthur Morgan's character arc up until this point and is a nice way of bridging the stories between this year's installment and Rockstar's 2010 game, Red Dead Redemption, which takes place after the events of 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2.

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