Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed; Rockstar Shares Images

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It looks like the road to redemption is going to take a little bit longer, as a delay to the release of the much anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2 has officially been announced. The much-loved first game was so much more than just Grand Theft Auto on horseback, it was an open-world Western experience that won many critics over with its non-stop action, inspired soundtrack, and a hugely emotional ending. When it was released across games consoles in 2010 it was a massive success. Seeing as it was already a follow-up to Rockstar Games' 2004 game Red Dead Revolver, gamers were keen to see another entry in the franchise.

This was confirmed in October last year when the games studio officially announced the sequel and confirmed the release period as being in fall 2017. Not only that, but images and hints were given that multiplayer would be a part of the experience this time around, with multiple outlaws seen riding together. This was seemingly confirmed in the first trailer that was posted for the game, which promised a more detailed open world and lush landscapes appropriate for the next-gen machines. Fans also theorised as to the timeline of the setting, seeing one figure as possibly a young John Marston which would indicate a prequel of some sort, and others suggested how it may directly connect to Revolver.

However, a statement from Rockstar Games today released an official statement to inform gamers that the release had been pushed back to spring 2018. They broke the news with these words:

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"Red Dead Redemption 2 is now set to launch Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.

We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready. We are really excited to bring you more details about the game this summer. In the meantime, please enjoy this selection of new screenshots from the world of Red Dead Redemption 2."

The news is disappointing, Rockstar remained true to its words and presented several more promo images, although none shed more light on the central character or plot just yet. At least it shows that the studio is committed to ensuring that the game delivers on all fronts, and will satisfy those who want the game to match up to its groundbreaking predecessor. This is especially true if it is to deliver a "vast and atmospheric world which will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience," as the current synopsis promises.

Screen Rant will have more information on Red Dead Redemption 2 as news develops.

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