Red Dead Online's First Update Starts to Address The Rewards Issues

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Rockstar Games will address the lousy economics of Red Dead Online by offering an update that will begin to fix some of the rewards issues players previously complained about. The company has plans on doing what it can to make the game feel more fair and balanced for all players.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on Oct. 26 and quickly became one of the biggest games of the year. As of November, the game had shipped 17 million copies since its release. The title, which follows the adventures of an outlaw in the Wild West, is a prequel to 2010's Red Dead Redemption. It has also started racking up its share of award nominations. The beta for Red Dead Online, the title's multiplayer component, launched on Nov. 27 for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, with a follow-up launch on Nov. 29 for everyone else who bought the game. Almost immediately after the beta began, though, players began to complain about the pricing and rewards system in Red Dead Online.

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Rockstar released a statement on how it will update the game to address these complaints. The first update for Red Dead Online, expected today, will increase cash and gold payments across different activities, as well as balance out the value of pelts, skins, fish, horse reviver and pamphlets. The update will also lower the prices of most weapons. For those players who previously purchased weapons at higher prices, Rockstar will deposit the difference into players' in-game balances (the company noted that those refunds should become available by Dec. 10).

This is the first patch in a series of updates. Rockstar also promised that it has plans to work on some bug fixes, including those that kick out players from their gaming sessions. The company hopes to release that update next week. In the meantime, everyone who signed up for the beta through Dec. 6 will get a gift of $250 in-game cash and 15 gold bars; players can expect to see that in their accounts by Dec. 14. The company continues to urge players to provide feedback should they have any other issues or problems with the game on the official Red Dead Online website.

Rockstar has done an excellent job of listening to player feedback, and their response should appease most complainers. Other developers could probably take a few notes on how to support the players that make up its community.

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