Red Dead Online Adds New Co-Op Missions, Makes Much-Needed Balance Changes

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online enjoyed a spate of popularity when Red Dead Redemption 2 was kicking around its release cycle, but it's also experienced a steady uptick of interest from Rockstar Games fans thanks to frequent updates, wacky missions, and the classic cowboy fare that no other multiplayer title out there is currently delivering. Now that Red Dead Online has exited its beta stage, it's been hit with the first of many upcoming patches designed to vastly improve player experience.

While Red Dead Online has gone through many updates since the launch of its beta and its issues with rewards, Rockstar Games is anticipating a rollout of a series of updates (with this latest one being the biggest yet) to make sure that the wheels are turning smoothly for the now-expanded playerbase. Fans have been wondering when the co-op campaign would be fleshed out, and it looks like their prayers have been answered.

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Rockstar Games has announced the latest in a series of recent updates to Red Dead Online on its website, and this update, in particular, adds a number of sweeping changes to the title as it exits beta. Notably, it adds to the co-op campaign with Honorable and Dishonorable missions, allowing players to pick sides between outlaws and gunslingers. On top of that, there's also going to be free roam missions along with random events. This means that if you're gallivanting around the Wild West, you're bound to run into someone or something who needs your help in return for some rewards. If you're someone who likes kicking back and putting their spurs up, then other leisure activities like poker have also been added to various locales for you to enjoy.

Other quality of life changes have also made their way into this update, including changes to Posse Versus. This has now become a catch-all mode for players who want to add a bit of friendly competition to everything from shootouts to herbalism. There's also been a new showdown mode called Overrun added, as well as a new control scheme, faster weapon swaps, and the removal of PvP Daily Challenges. While the community hasn't really had time to properly process a lot of these changes, the removal of the PvP challenge, along with the other small tweaks to encourage more overworld interaction, appears to suggest that Rockstar is wanting to move away from rootin', tootin' shootouts and into a space with more cowboy camaraderie.

The changes to Red Dead Online look promising in terms of what they have to add to a more well-rounded player experience. While it was a lot of fun crossing pistols with other gunslingers in pursuit of devilish bandits and a bit of coin, there's a lot to be said for creating a more immersive game world that has a strong narrative presence. This could be a move in the right direction to ensure the longevity of the title past its PvP shenanigans, and once the community has had time to weigh in on these changes, it'll be interesting to see the other updates that the developer has planned.

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Source: Rockstar Games

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