Red Dead Online Treasure Maps Guide: How to Get Them

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode, Red Dead Online, is available to consumers, players have already begun mapping out "get rich quick" schemes. Truthfully, there are a few ways to make money fast in Red Dead Online, but one of the best ways to go about doing so is by securing a Treasure Map and locating the gold and cash that's located within the lockbox at the end of the metaphorical rainbow. Understandably, in the interest of balance, these are a rare thing to stumble upon.

Still, there are a few things that players can do to increase the odds of coming across a Treasure Map, but there are two main ways that aspiring cowboys can get themselves set up with a map. These are broken down into doing Gang Hideout missions and leveling a character up, as doing both of these can eventually lead to a map which (upon being followed through) will increase the influx of cash and gold that one has on their person at any given time.

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Those hoping to get guaranteed Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online can turn to leveling up their Red Dead Online character, as it's a much easier task to commit to in the early goings. This is because players will receive a Treasure Map every time they progress five levels – beginning at level 10. This means that at level 15, 20, 25, and so forth, treasure hunters will receive a new location to explore for some easy money.

All they need to do is go and pick up the map from a nearby post office after hitting each respective level, receive the treasure map, open their satchel, and then select it. From there on, the mission to retrieve the treasure will be marked on their over-world map and they can go fetch it.

Completing Gang Hideouts in Red Dead Online also provides gamers with the opportunity to go a on a treasure hunt, but this process is a lot more hit or miss for several reasons. Namely, Gang Hideout objectives spawn randomly in a number of locations across Red Dead Online's world, but completing them also doesn't guarantee that players will be able to get one after they've dealt with the gang's leader by either killing or sparing them. It's random and can either be found on the corpse of the deceased gang leader or in a lock box within the camp, but completing these raids should earn players a little bit of cash all the same – even if it doesn't result in a Treasure Map.

At the very least, Gang Hideouts are an essential component of Red Dead Online's lackluster economy, although changes are said to be in the works on that end of things. So, hopefully, there ends up being more ways to obtain Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online.

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