Red Dead Online: Where to Sell Animal Pelts

Red Dead Online is available now and it features a massive, sprawling environment filled with missions, PvP segments, players, and wildlife. The latter of which can be hunted and skinned for anyone hoping to make some cash, but players that are attempting to trade their pelts in for some quick in-game money in Red Dead Online may not initially be sure where to bring them. This is understandably confusing for a few reasons.

Primarily, since Red Dead Redemption 2 features trappers that will take pelts in exchange for some dough, players may immediately begin to search their maps for just such an outlet. Red Dead Online doesn't feature any trappers as of this writing, which means that players will have to find themselves an entirely different place if they plan on selling their fleshy wares.

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So, where do players go in order to get some cash from their big game kills? Well, as it turns out, they can take everything they get from an animal to a nearby butcher – pelts included. Much like the core game, various animal skins (based on both type and quality) will bring in different amounts of currency when traded in, and players are free to exchange all parts of the animal at the butcher as well. Truthfully, it makes for decent money when compared to the other tasks found scattered about Red Dead Online. Note: Red Dead Online's economy currently sucks and we're worried about microtransactions.

Anyone looking for one of these businesses only has to open their map and look for an emblem in a nearby town resembling a trademark butcher knife and they can plan out their route accordingly. There are several featured within towns across the map, which means that players are often never that far from an outlet to exchange their goods.

One of the most important takeaways from selling pelts is that these items can't be used to craft anything – unlike in the game's story mode. This also means that Red Dead's Legendary Animals (and their corresponding pelts) don't have a role in Red Dead Online quite yet, so players don't need to worry about fashioning themselves a Legendary Grizzly Bear Hat just quite yet.

For those wondering how to best prepare for hunting, ensuring that proper Ability Cards from Red Dead Online are equipped before going off on an expedition is a must. A bow and arrow are also a preferred weapon to ensure that players are bringing back a decent enough skin to fetch a high price from the butcher they decide to unload their wares on. Finally, it's essential that players avoid losing their horse on the way to the butcher, as doing so can result in lost inventory.

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