How To Earn Money Fast in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2's single-player mode contains numerous ways for Arthur Morgan to obtain quick cash, and now the same can be said for Rockstar Games' Red Dead Online. In fact, Rockstar makes it very easy for players of all types of play styles to make their financial mark in the Old West. Red Dead Redemption 2's online portion, Red Dead Online, can be a little more withholding when it comes to rewarding players financially and some may be confused as to the quickest methods to make some cash.

In a lot of ways, Red Dead Online is very similar to Grand Theft Auto V's online component, Grand Theft Auto Online. This is especially true of the game mode's reliance on not only sharing the entire map from the single player mode with dozens of other players, but competing with (and sometimes against) these players to make cash and progress as well. Naturally, to buy better weapons, clothes, and horses for their customizable characters, Red Dead Redemption 2 players are going to need a lot of money in Red Dead Online. In fact, items actually cost a little more in the online component, and as a whole, it's not always clear how to make money quickly. Luckily, there are already a few different methods for making cash quickly in Red Dead Online.

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For a method that involves relying strictly on story missions contained within Red Dead Online, players will first have to make sure they've completed the tutorial section of the game. Additionally, this method is more for the type of gamer who doesn't mind playing certain story missions out of order. Players will want to use the Quick Join feature of the game and look for Story Mission On-Call option. This will allow you to play random missions with other players. While players won't be able to pick the mission they participate in, they should keep an eye out for one called "Kill Them, Each and Every One." This particular story mission will reward players with around $250 at the end, depending on how many deaths are accumulated. Keep in mind you will only be able to do this mission once for the cash reward.

If Red Dead Redemption 2 missions aren't really your thing, there are always glitches that can be exploited. For this particular one, players should create a character (don't worry about detail) and complete the first six story missions. Also try and get to level 10 so your Red Dead Online character can get an additional $100. Afterwards, delete your character and start a new character to repeat this process. While your characters will be deleted, the money you've earned will stick with your account. Players who do this three or four times can have upwards of $1000 to play around with when it comes time to create their true characters.

Additionally, players can always utilize the same strategies from the single player mode and rely on hunting/fishing, treasure hunting and looting enemy corpses to make some cash. Of course, these methods aren't nearly as fast as the above strategies, but they also don't require playing story missions out of order or being forced to repeat the same missions over and over again. With that in mind, hunting in Red Dead Online is probably the quickest legitimate way of making quick money, especially if you utilize another glitch involving going to Emerald Ranch in single player mode, hunting and skinning animals, and then accessing online from the menu. Players should find they still have all of the animal skins from the single player portion and can sell these skins for around $15-$20, depending on quality.

Relying on glitches is definitely a sure-fire way to make some quick cash, but they don't often last forever as Rockstar will likely patch them when they become public knowledge. Nowhere is this more true than the animal skinning method, which is arguably the most glitch-like method available right now. Luckily, that method really isn't sustainable and doesn't offer as much money as story missions and the re-create method. Either way, players should now have a good idea of how to make some quick cash in Red Dead Online.

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