Red Dead Online Patch Brings Catfish To Cowboys

Red Dead Online Fishing

Red Dead Online is currently in its online beta but that hasn't stopped Rockstar Games from upping the ante with each patch. The latest in a series of content patches for the Red Dead Redemption spin-off adds a number of incentives for playing, chief amongst them a Red Dead Online fishing challenge event.

You can do a lot of things in Red Dead Online, from accosting other players embroiled in their own Wild West adventure to taking pot shots at local wildlife. You can even engage in the game's Battle Royale mode if you're so inclined. While catching fish was already a part of the title already, what's being added here is the ability to go up against other players to determine who's the real king of the lake.

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The details about the Red Dead Online fishing event are murky still, but Gamespot has reported that players will be pit against each other in a challenge where they have to catch the heaviest fish possible to win in a weigh-in. There will be lakes, rivers, and swamps as your battlefield of choice for those who want to go rod-to-rod with their fellow cowboy to see who can catch some of the biggest fish in the land. On top of the fishing challenge, there looks to be the ability to appropriately accessorize, with hunting-themed gear available on the store including chaps and gloves.

Red Dead Online

It's also important to note that this Red Dead Online fishing patch will give players an XP update for dealing with pesky fauna in the game, and that fishing novices who want to jump right into the content won't have to worry; they'll be able to pick up a special package for the event which will give them lures and bait. It looks like Rockstar Games is still trying to make sure that Red Dead Online players have something to keep coming back to, whether it's limited time modes or incredibly large fish to catch.

We note that this latest update is now live, which means that all aspiring cowboys can jump into the catfish action with aplomb. It's unclear as to whether Red Dead Online fishing is going to be limited to what's been shown off so far or if they're going to add more functionality and different locales in future patches, but the only way to find out is to keep playing.

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Source: Gamespot

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